my names tristen bass are u tired of hiding do u wish u could tell anybody and them not think ur crazy well im starting a rebelion a rebelion for are freedom to be accepted as who we are werewolves, vamps, demons , anything any one come and join for we will rule
tristenbass tristenbass
18-21, M
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Rebellion. How do you plan to do that?

i'm not saying that isn't a good idea actually it is a good idea but if we come out international i mean medias, hunters would'n they find us easily maybe we're haydin for a reason i don't know still good idea^^

Id like to help i just need to be a werewolf

How can I become a wolf I'm in

On second thought, leave me out of it. I know your tired of hiding I know how you feel, but think about this is it really going to kill you if you keep it a little longer?

I like this idea, IM IN.

aight call me and text me at 601 668 7522

Child let's put it this way you'll be seen as nuts an that's it, if you we're a real wolf an man upped an said this at some large pack meeting not online you'd be beaten or dead up to how you act after being told no.<br />
No self respecting pack chooses for the world.

u realy think our is ready to except urs. there is still to many who hate each other over skin color, handicap, ect. personal i dont think so. Im human.

There's a first for everything.

After this summer I can come when ever u need me so I am in