I think it would be really cool to become a werewolf/shifter, but I don't want to be killed. Is it really cool to be one, or is it different, or weird, or terrible? I wouldn't think it would be terrible. Please tell! And how do you find a werewolf/shifter in human form? Estimate of the population in the US, and the world? Sorry about being kind of random. :) Thanks
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1 Response May 11, 2012

See being a wolf isn't as easy as some may think, and to be able to shift, well, that reacquires practice it is not like "o I am a werewolf I should be able to shift at will", so don't go thinking like that, It is actually not that different from being a human but we do tend to be more sensible, we d have strong emotions and are very territorial. There is no way to know the estimated population since must of us are secretive even between our own specie, but the internet helps us by keeping our identities a secret... It's hard to know when a human is a wolf, unless they are mad, or suffering through strong emotions, we do have sharper teeth... hmmm I guess that's about it with the questions :P