Predatory War

The war between Vampires and Lycans is seriously annoying our species are slowly fading when we were the ones that ruled the world until we started fighting and being chased off by christians. We should start to build up forces it may be hard to hunt and feed but if we find some sort of way to cooperate it should make it easier. Most of you may not agree with me but it is to survive.
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8 Responses May 13, 2012

I'm a wolf and marrying a vamp. Cooperation is possible but only if you see each other as people first and vamp or wolf second.

I am not for sure if I am a Werewolf/Lycan or a Vampire yet. I have some symptoms of both more of Vampire then Werewolf/Lycan, And If I am a Vampire, I pretty much agree on what you say, I won't just attack someone for living, But if they attack my family/friends or myself/clan, I will fight back, And will respect them by not going onto their land.

I don't think vampires would corporate

So your... Going to start killing... Humans? I understand about Christians chasing you guys off n'stuff but trying to go after humanity? Isn't that kind of... Wrong?

Oh, no offense snoopy but it kind of does sound like your trying to build up a war between humans and werewolves. Sorry for th mis-understanding

How can I become a werewolf?


I cant believe im doing this but i agree with lordvalk

That which comes from experience more then half my territory is vampire free with little fighting no open agreements or meetings.

One war's over been for centuries, two who said we're fading last checked werewolves breed in high amounts.<br />
four can't work together cause vampires our just weak humans afraid of death enough to cause it.<br />
we go with small fights no major reasons.

No reason to help them basically no reason to worry about them less there leaving public kills in your territory or bothering pack menders