What do you have to do to be able to transform into a WereWolf or Lycan? I'm strong but not very fast. I'm 16 6'2 260lbs 85% muscle content (According to my physicians) And I have always had very acute senses. I will do almost anything to be something other then to be a human. I don't care if it is painful. Thats all i've ever know is pain. So please help me out with this :/
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It's impossible often an deadly always latch to you accept you

I understand that its dangerous and i wouldnt be asking but im always able to heal incredibly fast. I loss all controle after a certain point of my anger has been reached. And on full moons my hearts always racing and I always want to fight and tear into something. I thinkk I might already be some part. But im not sure really about anything. Other then my decision to become a Werewolf or a lycan.

You aren't your human an young, besides what would a pack do with bloodthirsty pup?
Wolves even in nature kill for food an often only harm for defense, it's not some brutal existence it's part of what humanity has forgotten till the worst of times.
Seek to control your rage before you lose yourself too it.

I have a large amount of rage more then a normal person yes. But I'm able to control it to a point where most people would have been tearing into the others throat. I'm mostly calm and completely collected. Until someone tries and change that.

Control in my community is none without reason.

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