Any Help For A Werewolf Starting Out? D:

Well, i just got told my Dad was a part of a real werewolf pack, originating from the capital of Turkey. So yea yadah yadah I got told I am a werewolf and there is my story cut short. Anyway, does any werewolves with quite a bit of experience have any tips for the anger issues that come along with well, the werewolf-ness i guess you could call it. Lately I have been having mood swings quite alot (ever since i was told) And i have also been having really bad anger issues. (I know this may sound really bad) But I scared my girlfriend twice and once i pushed her to a wall and started shouting in her face. I hate it. I love her with all my heart but i can not control my anger. I had anger problems generally, and now this has popped up, its just mixed in even more with my anger and stuff.

Hopefully you get what im saying. Help?
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That's not the only person you have hurt and effected you know.

This is when i wernt your friend, why are you bringing this up again?

As in you did wound someone else. I didn't mean it negatively.

Ohh ok yeah im really sorry about that :(

I suppose I deserved everything that came to me, sometimes I wise I had my own sticky crimson rolling down my neck.


Because I am a bad person, arguing with my own Alpha is not loyal at all, but I couldn't control my own reactions towards things.

I know, we had rough patches eh?


Carefull of hunters!

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your wolf might just be completley connected to you yet

How come?

you just need to try and communicate with your wolf. it will take a while but soon you should have him i control. sometimes it could be because you have alpha blood in you or your wolf could just be really angry, either way try and taim him and join your mind to one.

Oh ok thank you very much :)

I think it's in his blood he could be a wolf from hundreds of generations <br />
<br />
Any way have u experienced a full moon yet

What do you mean? :O

Explain your question better, if you we're told why not turn to that person?

I seem horrible, and if i turn to that person, they would be completely disappointed in me. Its complicated. This is the only place i can turn too i guess?