German Werewolves?

I researched a lot about Werewolves and German Werewolves but i don´t get any results how could it be that there are so many Werewolves in USA and no one in Germany? o.O Is here anybody who is from Germany and can help me  to find out if i´m a Werewolve or how to P-Shift ?

Wolfgirl1312 Wolfgirl1312
3 Responses May 17, 2012

remembered that russia mostly has an peaceful tone to werewolwes herd some place that some cardinal even sed that werewolwes are the protectors of humans against vapires so russia is also a place to look for info and maybe packs but russians are secretive bu nature so u wil have to dig a bit to find something. my mother read me a story when i whas litle its from russia it is about an werewolf that saves a human from countles perils and this is an childs story legend like red ridinghod in europe so russians i think are more open but then again i havent ben mutch in russia so i dont know everything. also try romania, ever sen the movie blod and chocolate, maybe u wil find some info there hope it helps

im human with wolf spirit from norway but stil only human its true that christianity did lots of evil things and for me makes it an evil religion i dont think jesus would hawe wanted al those bad things to hapen try serching in poland and sweden norway i know there is some info there search in your family maybe u have someone that also is...... and can teach u

Europe is a highly private zone due to the fact of not one but two attempts to wipe out evil e.i. everything not in Christian ideal.<br />
first lore of us comes from the black forest handed down thru area tribes, my suggestion is look up the history for alittle detail.<br />
an careful the euro packs call American packs coward's since are ancestors moved for safety an room.