Wonder Why..

I have recently been wanting to try new things... I have been getting the urge to run on all fours... I have been biting things, and growl under my breath to those who get in my way.. But now, this girl is going out with my guy friend.. And I feel empty like part of me is missing.. An when I see them together I feel the urge to rip her apart... The other day I caught myself day dreaming on all the ways I could "damage" her.. I avoid her. As much as possible. I sometime stare her down when she looks at me, I feel as though I need to. I lock my stare and don't give it up till she removes her gaze. I need some help on understanding why..
summershine99 summershine99
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

You are most likely becoming one of us