Would Anyone Be Willing To Change Me?

Ive seen other sites and most seem like bs but i think people on here are legit so if u would willingly hmu
smarlow smarlow
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if anyone lives close to Michigan, i want to be changed... I have ancestors that were full blooded, yet it died out as they mated with humans and now I have some characteristics, yet I can not change shape.

jacobtyler that means your a half blood i'm a half and i'm trying to be changed to a full blood

I'll change him

If only i lived in maryland

Yea :(

Why would you chose this life? Its not as easy as it looks to remain in control and look normal. If you don't feed it only gets harder and if you do your a murderer. Its a lose/lose situation. Maybe I just have it harder being wolf/vamp. But I still wouldn't choose this life if there was a choice.

I will change him!!! <br />
<br />
But it depends where he lives

That I can understand because from what i have looked at there are hunters or sla<x>yers or whatever they want to call themselves. so chances are if 1 said yes or at least over the internet the hunters could hack the email and go to the place you plan on meeting so i think the only way of this being able to happen is if you found a were and talked in person even then chances are they will still say no though. I would just be happy to talk to 1

from what i have heard very little people have been but i know of some that have been or at the very least claim to be.

Have been what?


Don't then if u weren't born one u werent meant to b one

Answers no anyone say yes there putting themselves at risk.

Well then how am i supposed to become one?