A Long Time

Fr a long time I've been searchiing on the supernatural and I tried the Internet bbut few things make sense I don't wish to b turned and I'm not a hunter or anything I just want answers, wat r real werewolves and vampires?and r there more creatures out there too?
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Your a very silly and needy little girl, and that's what they want to take advantage of. Werewolves are not real, nor are vampires. Because pretty much everyone who isn't Christian would become one. Wouldn't you if you could? And yet, there isn't a single special forces squad made up of werewolves. Don't you think Germany would have used them in WW2?

the problem is that humanity is not ready as a whole to know yet and most supernaturals fear what the humans might do to them if they knew so u ned to ask for it magicaly if they want they wil tel you

Well I mean this search isn't wat my whole life is about but yeah I guess I won't rest until I do know the truth

Send me a message of everything you want to know. I'll try to help you.

I appreciate it man thanx

Are u desperate to find the truth

The truth about us

I Understand how you feel mate. I have been looking all across the place if i find anything i'll let you know


if u guys r the real werewolves y cant u guys b the ones to help me out? the internet is rubbish and i thought mayb here since sme ppl might b REAL werewolves they an help me

Unfortunately experience projects getting a lot of people lately children screwing it up.

Your search needs to be somewhere else

Where can ppl like us (who wants to learn) search for the information we seek?