I Hate It!!!!!!!

I hate it when people mess with my pack calling them fake or weak. Its bull cause nobody on here knows us(unless you are our friends). I dont understand why people mess with my pack their just big butts. AKA Lordvolkhark LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
silvertear1st silvertear1st
13-15, F
4 Responses May 21, 2012

Pack is pack. There are no blood relations, or even real relations necessary. One member of my pack is part vampire, but not from the clan I pissed off... (I wasn't really smart back then. Vamps hold grudges for LOOOOOOONG time.) So, there. >(

Pack is real dumbbells not an online game, no real pack meets online or holds any rank.

Until you get it there are no other law's or tribal beliefs beyond that universal system your on the outside

One no such thing as cyber packs (your either social in person or not)<br />
Two age(13-15 does not a pack leader make for many reasons )<br />
Three no territory ( no land no home no pack how's that hard)<br />
Four conflicts an dull threats online do not impress wolves ( not even humans truly fear them say why waste on drama )<br />
Five like in all caniouse lupus families packs our lead by males status of females by there mate's rank or in female picking order(reality is equal rights doesn't play in wolves world for sexs being the same strength )

Im with you girl