Please Tell Me Your Opinion/suggestions.

Me and my friends were exploring out by a place called witches circle around 10:30 pm and it was about four days before the eclipse. And as we started to climb this rather steep hill all we could hear were coyotes howling it sounded like their were around 15-20 but my friends and I stopped and listened as on the other side the coyotes started very loudly wimpering and then we heard growls very very loud growls now that I think about it. But after this my friends and I stayed for around five more minuets and we started to hear voices most were just laughs but some were distinguishable amungst them. And I live in new Mexico so I'm not sure what it was. But the smell around that place was heavy. But at the entrance of the cave where you enter is a goats leg. It is a very evil place so im not sure if they were wolfs clearing the place of witches or what? Some Input would be helpful. Thank you.
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it wouldnt be a good idea to return to that place

It maybe was my best advice i can give you is stay away from that place