I Want To Be A Werewolf.

I dont care about the risks and i dont care who i kill, all i want is to become a werewolf. It is my lifes work and my life goal. my purpose. I want the gift of the bite.
DanPat DanPat
5 Responses May 25, 2012

man i feel u its been my wish for years i would do anything like spells or contract with the devil so yea i can relate to your feelings

look either you're born with it or you dont want it trust me b/c i changed sombody for the first time and you cant stop drinking the blood its like sugar water

i dont care, all i ever wanted was to be changed and i wish i was blessed at birth with such a gift. i want it more than anything in the world and will stop at nothing until i get turned.

being a werewolf isnt that easy. i wouldnt wish my first change on nobody.

i dont care how easy or hard it is, it is all i want in life. i want it more than my next breath. I want it more than a family. I want it more than anything that my entire life has to offer. I feel like that should be my purpose. and i will stop at nothing until i get the gift of the wolf

well everyone on here that ive seen is saying that you cant control who you kill, and even though i dont believe that, i figured maybe they know more about it than me, either way, i want to be one

Right on, alphawolf. And just since you're a werewolf, doesn't mean you have to kill people.