Wishing For The Gift Of The Bite

I am 15 years old now and half native american from the Apache tribe. i have always been comletely obssessed with wolves when I was younger I pretend I was a wolf and I was given a stuff toy wolf at birth it never leaves my bedside. My friends now of my obssession and accept me for it. My wolf all scraggly and old looking now still with me since I started in kinder I looked up books on wolves and learned all I could about the. Once I hit middle school the obssession didnt stop I started growling barking and howling on my spare time. I went to madara canyon and bought a wolf necklace in a cabin gift shop on the reservation and I never take it off. Recently since I was 14 I have been looking up the symtoms of a werewolf stories on them movies how the transformation is and most of all how to become one. There isnt many that i can do, theres curses, being born, and being bitten. I know what the consequences are and I am willing to cope with them I believe it is my pupose to be one. Im not going to beg anyone because I now most wont do it all I ask is to consider it and well hopefully fate will choose me.
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Okay thank you for your help ill do my research

Honestly our you a part of your tribes beliefs or our you a modern native

There's no natural werewolf American breed it's European cross overs.<br />
The rare native exists but not in a pack in a tribe, we don't even claim native held land's.<br />
My suggestion learn your people's natural history about spirit shifting, it's known to us as the most natural (for lack of better word) magical shift.