My Friend Claims He's A Vampire, How Do I Know For Sure?

I have a friend, well, not really a friend, more of an acquaintance who claims he's a vampire.

How I found out:  A while back, this friend got my number somehow, I don't remember if it was through facebook or what but he did.  We hadn't really talked much but one day he said he wanted to tell me something and he called me on the phone.  He told me he was a vampire, and the reason why he was telling me was because for some reason he felt extremely connected to me and trusted me very much.  He then claimed that he was a sort of vampire, werewolf hybrid, but the vampire qualities were more prominent because he practiced suppressing the werewolf.

How I took it: I took it with an open mind, I believe anything is possible and I do believe in vampires and werewolves, although I never expected one to come out to me and tell me what they are.  I have grown skeptical only because of how he sort of flaunts it he's around my boyfriend and I (he also told my boyfriend) when we are around other people making cheesy vampirish remarks. but maybe it's some sort of inside joke he's feels is between us so he cracks cheesy jokes about vampires.  He says things like "I was with this girl and she tasted nasty!" or "just stab in the heart with a steak and throw me in a coffin" the thing he says about the steak, I do not believe vampires need to be stabbed with steaks in order to die!

My only evidence of it being true: he texted me on day and told me he was hunting. (he claims to hunt down dear which are in abundance around here)  being the investigative person I am, I asked him to send me a picture.  sure enough not long after I got several pictures of a dead dear in a clearing in the woods.  he wasn't in any of them, i've seen his phone and it's pretty crappy and can't get internet, just to be sure I looked up dead deer online and found nothing that looked like his pictures.  The deer looked fresh, there was no bloating or anything like that.  But hell, he could have walked upon a dead deer in the woods somewhere.  

My ultimate question: How do I know?   how would I find out for sure if he was a vampire or not?  He has offered to turn my through means of exchanging blood through cuts.  I denied the offer because who knows? maybe he's some psycho with AIDS and wants to spread it to people.  I don't know how to find out for sure if what he says is true.  Does anyone have any tips?
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Ok one thing is for sure there are no Hybirds also vampires do not joke about themselves I don't know if he's having you on or he is just a vampire and loves dissing his own kind

Do not swap blood with him. You aren't a supernatural creature and neither is he, but blood born illnesses are a real danger.

Ihave friend she never told me that she's a Vampire and till i accidentally got a papercut then she told me she was a vampire so I guess what I'm saying is accidentally cut somehow and then you'll find out

Why are you even posting it here? Ποιος νοιάζεται?

did you ever tried to follow him when he "hunt"?

where does he live ill snell him im a werewolf ill smell him from a mile away so do you want my help.

Smell him

Yes of course! We are in Utah though

I have heard that there eyes are different so if his eyes look strange well then there's a chance but then again no a huge 1

um sumthings might b that they r able 2 change ur mood easily, pretty much u'll feel wat they feel um they intend 2 have a think and heavy aura when ur around them also they can find a shadow, not much of a sun fan, another thing if u been 2 his rm it has 2 b the coldest and darkest rm.....ouh electronics act weird around them

actaully i do know a possible way 2 tell :3