I Am A Real Werewolf

Hi my name is brain( not really)! and I am a werewolf i only m shift, I am a werewolf on my dads side I feel like soon I might kill someone and I don't want too... Over this years summer I will probably spend more time out side and more time hunting I don't hunt a lot because I have school but if anyone wants to make up a pack I will be glad too just comment on this story and tell me if you'd like to join...
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Love to be in a pack. im a wolf on my mom side and a long line of wolves in my famliy so if i could i would love to be in pack. please wright back

can you message me? please

id love to join i was born one and im one from my dads side as well i never was in a pack yet

Hmm. Lots of big cities in Maryland. Is the hunting ok for you? Even with all those huge cities? Where I live, it's pretty foresty, and there are lots of deer.

Not really, I guess theirs woods near me but I can't go yet trust me when I turn 17 or 18 I'm running through the woods on all 4s:)

Sounds good enough. But the hunting here in PA is superb. Lots of deer. Plenty of other little things, but the deer are the best. Oh, and have fun when you turn 17-18.

Thanks bro I mite be coming ur way

same need to run free

question what are you coloers i'm black and white with green eyes

Yeah? Well, be mindful of the borders.......Then again, you might not see anyone. The forests are pretty big.


Yep. Human hunters, lycan hunters. All sorts of hunters going after those deer. But man are they good. It's worth it.

Nice u might be seening me :) btw I only m shift

Same. Mostly involuntary for me. I'm trying to learn to be in control.


You think so?


It would be more impressive if I control my shifting though. It's such a pain when I'm trying to meditate outside. :/

Yea I bet, u seem like a pretty cool she wolf:)

Really? Most people think meditating is a waste of time. Most people think I'm crazy too, but I'm not gonna start on that.

Yea glad to havenu In our pack:) how old are u?

17, recently. Thank you for having me in your pack. It's an honor for a lone wolf like myself to be welcomed into a pack so openly.

No problem anytime,

can any of you help me with m shifting ive tried so many times with diffrent techniqes but idk need help from someone with experience

lucky you, there are no forest near My house.
deers are juicy
but i think i prefer lambs

I live in colorado so i get great hunting here. mostly cows and stuff i dont eat ppl eww

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If you are near the Virginia blue ridge mountains I would be glad to share my territory ..plenty of game to hunt

What state do u live in?