Any Lone Wolves Looking For A Pack?

Hello, I am the alpha of the wolf pack "Dark moon". We are looking for lone wolves in need of a pack. So of you want to be a part of a good trust worthy pack, please send me a message.
teenwerewolf14 teenwerewolf14
18-21, M
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Is this still?

Hey my name is Torri and I need a pack. I have a hole in my ribs and I think it means I'm a wear wolf

Also IDK if this can work out because I kind of feel like an Alpha and I don't want there to be conflict. And my nails have been growing too, CrimsonStreaks

I dont really know if i am a shewolf but i have most of the signs. I love the moon and i can actually communicate with dogs. I make yelping and growling noises. My eye color is black and i have five veins that are connected forming something on my right hand. I am twelve and i live in iowa. I really love running. Its exilirating. And every full moon i ache and its so hurtful. Idk if i am a wolf. I know i have a wolf spirit though. I just wanna find some answers. Also my nails have been growing. Same for my teeth.

I don't suppose your still taking members?

A cute wolf skunk :D

Ya loll hey bornwild24138 join dark moons? Contact me or teenwerewolf14 and distance doesn't matter

Kinda does to me when I used to be alpha female of my other pack and we were in the same city and its like a second family so i like being close to a pack ... if you find any in the New River Valley area ..then id be good

I would, were I interested in a pack. But it might be alright, if it's fine by you.


Eh, I'm still debating it. I'm pretty sure I don't want to, but if you'll let me in, I'll join.

if you need any help at all about being a wolf message me am the trainer

Thank you.

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Would but distance stops me

What u mean?

You can still join. Send me a message if you want. Oh yeah im putting this out where everyone can see it, my wolf is not a skunk :)

Yea join contact me or my alpha^

You talking to me? Well anyways my wolf is all black with a white stripe down my back and she says that im a wolf skunk :p

Ha! Lolllz sorry

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