Wolves In Or Near Utah

If there are any wolves in Utah or colorado let me know:)
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Hey if your a wolf ima be in utah around july 9 so if u could maybe change me thatd be great


don't tell me about it i live in geneva onex 3 packs only in geneva i think its because of the large group of hunters in 1900's who made a deal or something don't know much about america but i think Utha have a laarge number of packs bye^^

Colorado is practically a free zone, Utah arz has a resvation an pack issue.

really? I would think Colorado would have quite a few. :( ugh im so depressed

The wildlife is to watched it's risky spotting large wolf groups, an high traffic in the wide span making it a risk for a pack or human " conflict ".

ah I see...that makes sense... well damn

Tx is owned by one pack if it helps

not really, seeing as I'm not close to there lol

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