I'm Not A Wolf, But There Are Some Interesting Thing's I Have Questions About (i Know It Is Long But Please Hang In There And Read This)

I do not, nor have I ever thought I was a wolf, nor have I ever really had an interest in werewolves until a few months ago when I discovered the crismon blood wolf pack. As to whether or not they are actually wolves I do not know, but all in the same I have now become fascinitated to near obsession with werewolves for the past month. Thinking back on my past, and even now, I have noticed some things that seem, wolf like. But are they just things that many oridinary people have? or is it something more signifigant.
Here is a bit of my family history, On my mom's side there is Blackfood and Cherokee indian. One of my great grandmother's was a princess of one of these tribes. I do not know which.
Now for my signs: When I was very little, clear up until I was I think five, I had this reoccuring dream where I was at party in my dads house. There were members of my family standing around the house but only from my father's side, a glowing, green, (haha) fox would float by and stop in front of me and I would climb on it's back. The fox would fly me through my house where it would drop me off in my room, in the middle of my floor which was painted like a target. The room looked like an old western style home, old wallpaper, and yellowing lace curtains on the windows. There were piles and piles of stuffed animals in the corners. This is when the room would begin to tilt and spin faster and faster until I woke up. No idk if this dream is significant to anything, but maybe it could be, what do you think? When I was a little older, 8 I think, I was pretending I was an animal (most likely a dog or a wolf) I ran to the far side of the living room turned around and got down on all fours and started running. It came with great ease and was much easier than running on two legs. I could run around on all fours all day, and that I did. Until I was 12 I was on all fours a lot of the time. Sometimes I still drop down and run for a distance when I'm in an open field, or when I'm feeling extremely happy and energetic. I am most active at night. Since the day I was born I have had insane insomnea. My parents had to just let me stay up and play as long as I stayed in my room because they were losing sleep over me coming in and waking them up all night every night. Even now I only get on average about 1-2 hours a night. I am also allergic to some kind of metal. I don't know if it's nickle, silver, or something else. Most likely nickle, but I can't wear a lot of earrings, necklace chains, belts, suspenders, and metal bracelets because I get a terrible burning itching rash. I am happiest when I am outside surrounded by trees in a forest. I have been known for my temper since I was a small child, although I have better control of it now it sometimes still gets the best of me. So, could there be some trace of wolf in me from my ancestory? or is this just a list of ordinary things that many people and children have and do. Let me know your opinion.
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Native blood is a strong trait to being a shifter, or a werewolf, it's up to u too find out which one.

Any advice you can give?

Don't listen to them native American blood is what i meant, werewolves are European invaders in America you've got shifters but not the same by far.
There are no native pack an no wolf claims resvation land's, seek a tribe your needing to explain the fox trust me.
in other words seek your people.

If you find your ancestor, they can find what it is in you, try to fInd one of the elders, and no don't listen to him, you will soon learn he is a jerk, and doesn't care about anyone but himself. There is werewolf blood in Native ancestry and European, I am both, but I am a Wwerewolf.

Well I Just found out today I have relatives from Sweden as well as England

I'm just about positive any ancestor I am related to in the tribes are long gone

You don't have to be directly related to them. If you have their. Blood, I meant to literally say, the chief of one or both tribes.

Interesting, idk what I would say or ask

Well start by introducing yourself and say that you have recently found out you are part of "tribe name " and was wondering if you could learn about some of the history. Ask what is the main animal that resembles the tribe,and why. Don't say anything about you being werewolf, some take it now as a stupid twilight fan think we Indian so we must be werewolf. But ask a little about the culture but keep slipping questions in about the wolf, fox and their main animal. And the importance of these animals to the tribe.

alright thank you

Your welcome.

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Native blood is a dominate trait to being a werewolf.

Native blood completely you need tribe not pack