Im Looking To Make A Pack

Any body wanna help make a pack?
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im 15 and I want to join . but im looking for a pack in real life as well,

i would like to join this spirit moons pack...? im 16...any room?

Loved to be in the pack :-) live in Texas

This is old, you wanna join my currentbpack?.

U mean a human?

Will you allow another person in this pack of yours? Or is it a done deal?

Loll good!

Their should be a thing to make a new exeprecnce go to that and type that in and it should let you join that way

Found it. :D

Hmmm that's weird

Nope. Can't find it

I am a member of spirit moons wolf pack

What's the name. I can't find it.



It's made.


I'll make it now

When are you gonna make the page?

Yeah we should..

Let's get Lizzie to join us shall we?


Okay... Cool

It was you're idea. Your pack.

You're the pack leader. You're an alpha. I'll be your right hand man to guide you. There can be two alpha's in a pack.

Okay... Im making you alpha cuse I'm only 15 and your older soo your alpha..... What postoin you want me in?

Let's do it. You and me.

I'm thinking wolves united but idk I helped someone make a pack and tht was the name of it soo Ill probaly make it spirit moons wolf pack

Hahaha what is it called?

Yeah that's the title of this story says loll

I want to help you.

You want to make your own pack?

No problem I guess I won't make a pack

Thank you.

I mean shadow scar

Which unbroken or this one? Well if you wanna join unbroken talk to a girl named scarwolf

Ok. How will I join this pack?

No. You won't, you will be treated with respect and yes it's a online pack, you could join us. Or the pack I'm making

Is it an online pack? And I am a very highly respected werewolf. I won't be treated like a pup will I?

Yes loll soo anyway I know of a great pack you could join... It's called unbroken pack is great it's the pack im in now..

That's good. I honestly love chasing mortals just for the hell of it. They get scared so easily! Haha. Especially when they are drunk.

Yup, loll she's awesome, to be honest I'm surprised she isn't afraid of me being a wolf... But I'm glad she isn't Alotta people aren't afraid of us.

That is very good for you! She is a good girl just for that.


Does she accept it?


That is nice. Does she know yet?

Yeah... I love her.

Hmm I see. That works fine. We are all human's. We are just immortals, they are mortals.

Yes, the only thing is she's human

Yeah yeah, I mean I can still be an alpha I just figure I should wait

Do you have a mate yet?

It's particularly true. With no long experience it's nearly impossible to be an Alpha. Give it a couple years. Patience is everything.

Hm m loll I could be a alpha but people say I'm too young

That's very kind of you. Just don't **** off any Alpha's in the process haha. I think I could be an Alpha myself. I'm not sure. But I have mated with an Alpha female.

Thanks, I will make a promise right here right now, I WILL PROTECT ANY NEW WOLVES THAT NEED PROTECTON I DON'T CARE WHAT IT TAKES

And so many new werewolfs don't last out there. I tell you, you are strong my friend.

Aye I don't understand why they wanna be werewolves. Risking getting Killed or shot..

Mortal's that want to be a werewolf so badly totally ignore the side affects. It's like buying a car thats fast without even considering the gas mileage.

What you mean?

Mortal's that look for being a werewolf make me laugh.

Yeah I think it's a no no in everyone book...

No, no! Maybe something evil may happen. Maybe a family of hunters may move into town. I highly doubt you will turn evil. The only evil werewolfs are the ones who kill their own kind. And that's a no no in my book.

Wait! Soo your saying something evil could be going on? Could it mean I could be turning evil?

It could be evil, death, or fear of something unknown. It's a warning my friend. Be careful. And create as many of us as you can.

Okay.... And would you happen to know why my dreams get blacked out a lot?

Sometimes that is necessary. Watch people and find out how their family life is. If it is crappy offer it to them. Tell them that it is the way out. You must be deceiving at times.

I wanna make wolves here.. .but I don't wanna go around turning people if they don't wanna be turned

You're lucky and humans are usually scared and tend to reject things they don't understand. Within my area I can only sense 5 other wolfs. It's scary almost.

Well wear I live their are no hunters, no body even knows I'm. A wolf, no one but my friends but they didn't believe me

It's happening now. My friend has gone missing. I think hunters are behind it. There was a stench of human in his apartment.

Yeah.. If we do go to war were gonna loose a lot of wolves and I will howl for the wolves we loose

I sense a war coming friend. With the mortals though. We will need each other more than ever.

Yeah... Well I'll just kick their ***

It's not wise good sir. It's lonely. Very lonely. And the bloodsuckers tend to want to bully you more.

Ahhh I know it's weird but I wanna be an omega..

Like I said. I'm an omega. A lone wolf. A strong one.

Which pack are you in now?

Knowledge comes with experiences. You will have plenty. Stay with you're pack. We are stronger in numbers. Unfortunately I was kicked of my pack because of fear that I was getting too powerful ahhh such fools.

Loll yeah I have no idea about anything...

ba<x>sed on you're lack of knowledge and just pure instinct haha


When a person is turned they are "Awakened". Seems like you're just a pup.

No it says zeta male it's after the alphas... Zeta male and female, and what you mean?

Ok. So when did you Awake?

No, I have noo idea what a zeta is hold on I might be wrong... I have to look on the packs website

A zeta? Hmm do you mean beta?

Yeah.. Nice I'm a zeta in my pack

Haha it's just natural. We do have short tempers after all. I was born and am currently an omega. Alpha's don't like something they didn't create after all.

I guess you could say turned. I live in Maryland.. And sorry for being snoody

I'm sorry if I offended you. I would gladly assist you but I live in Nevada. So tell me were you turned? Or born?