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Im Looking To Make A Pack

Any body wanna help make a pack?
Therealwolfblood44 Therealwolfblood44 18-21, M 97 Responses Jul 26, 2012

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im 15 and I want to join . but im looking for a pack in real life as well,

i would like to join this spirit moons pack...? im 16...any room?

Loved to be in the pack :-) live in Texas

This is old, you wanna join my currentbpack?.

what position am i in im female grey wolf 13 years old

Uhm idk this is old butnill. Sk my new alpha if you can't join

yeh i'll give it a try

Okay up to you the name.

U mean a human?

Will you allow another person in this pack of yours? Or is it a done deal?

Loll good!

Their should be a thing to make a new exeprecnce go to that and type that in and it should let you join that way

Found it. :D

Hmmm that's weird

Nope. Can't find it

I am a member of spirit moons wolf pack

What's the name. I can't find it.



It's made.


I'll make it now

When are you gonna make the page?

Yeah we should..

Let's get Lizzie to join us shall we?


Okay... Cool

It was you're idea. Your pack.

You're the pack leader. You're an alpha. I'll be your right hand man to guide you. There can be two alpha's in a pack.

Okay... Im making you alpha cuse I'm only 15 and your older soo your alpha..... What postoin you want me in?

Let's do it. You and me.

I'm thinking wolves united but idk I helped someone make a pack and tht was the name of it soo Ill probaly make it spirit moons wolf pack

Hahaha what is it called?