My Friends Sister

My best friends sister was missing for about one day and nonone knew where she went. When she came back she look fine but there was something about her that me and my freind Brittany noticed about her, but we just decided to let it go. Then one day i sleep over Brittanys house and her little sister was going crazy, she was runing about side like a DOG and howling at the moon. We went outside to see if she was okay but when we got to close to her she turn around and started to run after us we both ran we both ran in to different. She ran after Brittany, i didnt see anything after that, i went into the woods thinking I would be safe in there away from her. her sister also had a friend over at the time too. i turned around and her friend was running after me. i ran down to the river where i lost her, then brittany and her sister came running to me. brittany managed to get away but falling into the river (it was probally and acident since she is uncorinated) but then her little sister came after me. i think u could say "everything went black" after that cuzz i woke up with bite marks on my arm. so now im not sure if im a werewolf but i do like the full moon now more than i ever did . . .
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2012

You aren't a wolf, the only way to transform through a bite is for you to bite the wolf back... and it is completely against pack law!

i dont think someone who just got bit is very familiar with pack law...just saying

I know, though I don't believe she became one, by a simple bite you won't transform, maybe after seeing what hollywood portrays, her mind started believing you see, the mind is more powerful than the body...

maybe although that sounds like a crazy zombie story was your friends sister shifted was she a wolf or wolf like