Confused With What I Am

I have been searching for answers.....i have all the symptoms i wasnt bitten but my mom's side has native american indian blood....and im always attracted to wolfs, dogs, when theres a full moon I constiently look at it, my pupils are small in the day and at night they get bbigger my eyes are brownish, yellow and shine very clearly in light, when i play with my dog my bark/howl sounds just alike and at night my whole body aches , but i go to sleep not knowing what i even am I wake up very tired and is very sleepy during the day i can smell, hear, see really good I dont know if I am or not but if someone is dead *** serious there a werewolf and wants to help me please do im not faking or pretending just to be cool or something, i just need to get some answers i feel alone and got no one who knows what i feel or how. anyone that wants to help please do.
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Well I'm a little late to the party clearly from the earlier messages. But unlike most I come from VERY long line, I might be able to add a unique perspective on your problem. Maybe add a new member to the pack if you'd like. My name's Ezekiel btw

Message me, i can help you

Send me a message, I might have the answer to your doubts... tell me about your story...

Message me I might be able to give you some advice