What Happend Last Night?

Okay so I was sleeping and all the sudden everything went black and I saw my self screaming and then I saw my eyes turn black and that's all I rember
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Dont worrie bra ill be in ur dreams to hahaha see u there taint( y do u think hes saying this stuff )

Ok now i read all the questions bro haha i definatly got u

no offense but.you were stupid to challenge her and taint. I have many powers. but.i would never evem dare challenge her or any other alpha, one because they are an alpha two because of what she can do.

Ha! No offensive taint or snow but I'm not afraid of her.


then you are.stupid.

Again not afraid of her.

I ment that scottishboywolf003 is.stupid not.you sparton17

Well then I wish you no luck with your dreams. and um by the way try to not.**** her or taint off more

Yeah okay

the sleep becomes darker your blood is so sweet >:)

You scare me.sometimes. >:) but I like sadistic revenge so it is ok

Its cool I understand I am not offended

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dont ever challenge me again

I said why don't you answer why Im acting like this.. Are you gonna answer me or not

dont ever challenge me again

How bout you answer why I'm acting like this

you challenged me and taint


Doesn't answer

you were warned not to challenge me before

Still doesn't answer why I'm acting like this.

consider it a...... gift well more of a curse but you know beggers cant be choosers >:)

Dude back the **** off


ha be expecting to see you in your sleep tonight >:) taint grows hungry as do i

See ya their. Message me I have questions

fine you message me my screen keeps freezing


I lik your powers alot. I wonder if my.powers can effect.him. from here

haha just find his mind link >:)

You could try


So I see you was all having problems before I came along :) hey bonnie! Taint me!


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