The Girl

There is a girl i realy like but she is a human and i cant tell her im a wolf so can anyone give me some advice?
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Sorry I looked at the replies they gave u.. humans are annoying. Anyways, I'm a wolf too.. its ok to tell people you're a wolf.. you just have to be very careful who u tell. some humans actually are accepting and understand. Others...not so much. My closests friends know I'm a wolf- heck! My bestfriend is a demon!

Hmm ok then, but its too late now, i decided to leave it just in case she was a hunter like i thought she was, thank you though

Hehe the thing is. Hunters only hunt Werewolves! I'm safe! X3 im a wolf

im a Therian

Oh my bad I thought It was a reply from someone else. Anyways...*looks at your name*

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Hi Werewolf How did you become a WereWolf i would love to know I love Wolves!!! And i wouldnt use it for bad if i knew how to .but is this normal I see colours on the floor like a foot print and its wired its moveing its only one colour and some time red purple and ect When i am tired and thurst my tongue hangs out of my mouth I am eating way hungry. Is it i am Becomeing a WereWolf if i am how do i incourage it to make me a a Werewolf.And are you able to shapeshift and can you conttrol it?

Dont tell her until u get to know here and start dating her she might not even believe u tell her when u trust her

thats the thing yesterday i smelt blood on her and thats what i smell on the hunters so i would rather date my own kind

im going to stay clear of her and im going to have a mate that my own kind

Cn you turn me?

im not sure i was born a therian if you can find a way then ill be happy to but im not sure

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