We Are Weak At The Moment, Please Read, Its Important.

Heres a tip for all ya werewolfs out there, You are stongest at half moon (45%-53%) and 90% and up. the other times your just adverage, and in half moon thats when all vampires are at they're weakest so thats when you hunt them (hunt my friend alexandra and your dead) BUT! right now you all should feel weak, if you don't your not a werewolf, unless you used a spell of some sort. 71%-87% we are at our weakest so vampires will try to hunt you. this is just a warning to help educate you all. and full moon, its a war, we're both at our fullest powers. Us werewolfs and the vampires are both elements of the moon, thats why we fight, we are fighting to get the full powers of the moon and to prove which is the strongest, so just watch your backs for now! thanks (:
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werewolves and maybe vampires are at their strongest on the full moon because that is when the vile between the worlds are at its weakest therefore they are stronger at that time

Actually vampires have nothing to do with lunar phases nor do lunar phases affect the 'veil'. The lunar phase affecting wolves however is a much older story that isn't werewolf specific. We draw power from the moon and when it waxes we grow stronger peaking at the full then weaken upon the waning. Some witch subgroups follow this as well with exception of those who follow lillith because her strongest point is during the new moon.

Your theory is extremely flawed and vampires have no affiliation with the moon or its phases.

I would NEVER harm a vampire! I'd much rather seduce ;) the only vampires I have ever had a problem with are the ones that try and hurt innocent creatures. For the most part they are strong allies and loyal friends