I Have My Proof Wheres Yours?

Just text me I don't give out my story to humans I need proof you are who you are and I will block any fakes. I can prove who I am idc if your human now but I won't share my full story with humans. text me at 1573-820-2422
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Ive read some of your comments and I personally dont hate but strongly dislike (I believe there is a difference) humans because of the way they veiw different people and how greedy and selfish they seem. I also have a question, you said that humans will kill you to make cash, are you referring to werewolf hunters (i dont know if they exist or not) or just hunters that kill wolves for their pelts?

Either one bc he's humans have reckless greed

firewolf add me

I completely agree with you that they have reckless greed. I wish they could understand but they never will because they are ignorant.

I was thinking about what you said about humans have reckless greed and I started thinking about how Im the only one in my famly as far as I know anyway and that my parents are a example of what I strongly dislike. As well as the wolf hunt that is going to be in action soon. Im sickened that the only reason humans are hunting them here is because theyre becoming a "nuisance" to the community as they say.

See what I mean I feel they are all the same but I've met A few good ones

I've only met one person who is good and accepting shes the only friend I feel I can be normal with, yet I cant tell her because she doesnt belive in things like me.

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can u help me pleas


their is a guy that tried to kill me yeasterday and he said i was a evil creature and i just thought i would seek help

Hmm any names?

Do what I do emphasize abit. You can feel winds but you can't see it. That dosnt mean wind don't exist see my point?

i think so

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I have been screwed over by humans and psychics. Wolves are misunderstood, I have only met a wolf once and he was kind. My point being that humans are the most dangerous specie/breed as we eliminate anything that we think is a threat towards us. it sickens me that they can be so heartless. I can't fully understand why you don't like us. but i can understand why you wouldn't.

You people act like you understand my pain do you know what its like going to bed wondering if you will wake up in your house or outside in a field or tree or next to something you killed or mutilated its horrible its a curse I hate it with a passion but I cannot help who or what I am.

I didn't say i did understand what you are going through. To me what you have is a gift (just my thoughts). The same as thereptilegirl I do believe in what others don't. I was only saying my opinion on my race.

I see so you supportbeings who would kill me to make cash then? Thts why I hate humans if they were to ever meet me in my other form you could bet id probally get killed and sold for money they are selfish greedy. Care only about thenselves.

I am not supporting the monstrous humans that we have become. The only thing that i will call a monster is a hunter or a human who is killing for cash and not survival. not all of them are as selfish as others. you are not a monster. humans are the true monsters of this world.

Intresting it seems we think alike.

it is good to know i am not the only one

Yes it is so tell me abit about you

Human of course, I don't generally like people that screw with me for amusement or call me something when I have done nothing wrong. Psychics reading my mind just gives me a sense of insecurity. I have really been looking for somewhere i belong. I just feel like I don't fit into many places

Wht do u mean u cont belong?

i might somewhere i just need to find it..

I remember my first werewolf boyfriend. I would get so worry that he wouldn't come home. The life you have is a curse and no one should have to go thought it alone.

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maybe you should think about it. i understand your concern most humans are greedy, and @ times plain evil even to our own speices. im not going to bagger you about it. trust is earn not given.

That is true tell me about yourself.

I am a human that has been steped on, taking advantage of, stolen from by people I trusted, abused as a child, raped as a teen, raising 3 kids alone with very little help from my own people. As a human in the lowerclass I know what humans can do. I lose sleep over the fact that someone can break into my home at any time.

Intresting your afraid of your own kind?

You people are funny ill trust just the people in my circl3e.

No Im not afraid. Im Discussed, disappointed, and have little trust in my race. It took me 7yrs to find sum one who I can trust more than I thought possible.

Even then donnot let your gaurd down.

i wont. that is my only why I survive my own kind.

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Have you ever thought that many of humans would like to learn from the wolves? to learn the true history of a speices that was always belived to be a myth, the gifts that comes with your DNA. , and how well you adapt to the human world, how you as a pack wk together as a whole. that in itself is what my human spieces lack.

No I've never given it thought I honestly don't see how I can trust few humans yet alone any I would probally get turned in for money or whatever you people are so crazy about. But learning yes maybe.

Thats great so apparently u can be trusted?

everyone is intitle to there opinon. i do agree with you.

Well, what times we live in now are cruel and unfaire. Right now money is power, lying is business. Wish there were not so many rules of humanity. Just keeps building up.

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Why do you hate humans so much? Yes I am a human but why? Was somebody hurting you?

The fact is a lot of humans if they actually seen us would hunt us its in their nature therefore we conceal conceal our forms with a magic curtain of mist. Human would threaten us if they knew. Why should I think you would be diffrent?

Look I just can't stand them they try walking over each other they pick on the weak ones its just not my style personally if I could meet a decent human I wouldn't be troubled but I havnt.

I understand about the humans hunting werewolves thing, I know, it is beyond terrible. It's like a whole new form of racism. It's just sickening, humans can be terrible, but. Not all are bad, I love all creatures. I would never kill one, and if I did, I would feel like there will be a dark cloud raining over me forever. I believe in a lot of stuff, and here is a list of things I believe in:
Maybe the end of the world
The Rake
The Living Dead
The Bermuda Triangle
The Devil (Lucifer)
Loki (The Devils brother)
The end of the world

My family would never even believe in half of this stuff, my sister calls this paranormal crap, well I call it a miracle and well kept secrets. If I could I would commit my life every day to do all this stuff, but I can't. I AM different. I am a believer

Thanks. Very little do I ever meet some of this stuff, but where? There are so many well kept secrets in this world there might be more than there is of your knowledge of the paranormal

I acknoaegde that and thank you.

Both of you add me as a friend I feel I might be ablr to trust you both but donot give me any reasson of doubt. For some reasson I couldn't add you guys though.

Thanks, and I will give no doubt at all. I swear on it

Hmm are you sure your human?

honestly, I never know if i am a human. Im just searching to find who I truly am. I look like a human, talk like one, but yet, I just dont feel like a human


Ill tdy being ur friend

Well, so far half of my life has been bullied. Physically and verbally, later on in the years (which I am 13 now) I have started to develope a small temper, so when someone ****** me off, it can be hard to control. I nearly went nuts at the end of last year because this girl had been on my nerves from the beginning of school till the end, and when she said something, I went around the table, slammed my fist on it like I had never slammed anything before, and I just about punched her, but I had to keep my temper down, so I gave her a heavy warning, tick me off again, and you'll regret you ever did. What came over me? I am usually a calm and quiet person! I have been quiet my entire life until that day. Now when people tick me off I get angry but need to control. Sometimes, I wonder who I truly am. I message more stuff to you, cause I believe I can trust you, and I believe that you will understand

That will be fine

Lol I like how you think

I'll read up your storie soon, it's just been busy right now. I promise I will read it

Of course I can understand I'm tottally diffrent myself.

Thanks, I apreciate it

Me to.

Nytime I'm here for my freinds strange to say some are human. Hah kinda ironic before this I would never befreind a humana

lol, yea

This is true. Human only want to kill the things they fear. I mean if a human see a huge werewolf running around or killing other animals. They are going to hunt that animal down and call it a monster.

true fact saya

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