Dating A Vampire

To all you fellow wolves, Never Date a vampire. My first date with a vampire i took her to the forest and she sat me down and to my suprised asked 'if i need blood will you give me yours?' i replied 'umm, umm i dunno' so heres a tip: NEVER date a vampire, still wondering about how to answer her question
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what descendantofossory said. I know a ton about vampyres because my friend is one. If you want to know more about them you can message me. Im sure i can help you with any questions.

Thank you ill come up with some questions :)

Ok. :)

Just explain yourself to her. Vampires bound with their mates by drinking eachothers blood. She was asking to take your relationship to the next level. So if you don't want that, simply explain that to her. She isn't trying to hurt you

oh ok i just thought she wanted my blood

Well just talk to her

i will

Does she know you are a Wolf?

yes she does

Well do you want to break up with her?

prehaps i dont feel ready to give my BLOOD to a vampire so yes im going to date a wolf

Ok if it does not go well if you can shift you eyes into your Wolf eyes and your teeth warn her not ot mess with a Wolf

yes thats not a bad idea, well done :) ill give her a second chance buut if she tries biting me again ill leave her, for good and date another wolf

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