:Changes and expressing my true side:

I suppose being a loner does not t hurt me anymore.

I was a Beta once A United Kingdom wolf.

Not because of the friendship between my Alpha but the determination I had towards things, but have been replaced due to my actions, It is not like I effected everyone... Just an argument between me and the Alpha. I value the mistakes I have made, but I'll learn to move on and become stronger.

Lately I growl at people without even knowing it, also lick and bite things and people. I get so loyal and attached to my friends that I almost what to own them as my own. I happen to love a scratch behind the ear and to sleep above covers. I personally feel like I am becoming a wolf. Every time I enter a Forest I cannot help but to charge about and howl sometimes.

Since I was around a pup age I always running down/up stairs on fours. I have been becoming stronger at things I have never accomplished in my life before. My speed and stamina has held stronger than ever, I have been in a wolf fight and almost won but UN-fochantly I lost... but It never got me down, even suffering pain so many abuse my soft side sometimes...

Just today I managed to smell a strong scent that no one else possibly could. The moment my friend walked into class I asked 'Did you drink Dr Pepper'
"Yes, Wow what a nose." then I could smell strong smoke on her... Cigarettes. 11th September 2012.

My friend believes I am one too, she strokes me and feeds me ham. I can smell things that no one else notices, almost like nothing can get past me.

I can be furious and when I am furious I mean business, I am quite mature with my stress levels and try to tame it but I have attacked in the past. A lot...

Am I worthy or not but I will never stop believing in the me I believe I am.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I have been experiencing some of the same things as you yet I let it show to my only friend. Im not afraid of being myself around her it the only side of me that she knows.

That's a great friend you have going there :)

yea :) I just hope I dont scare her away from being my only understanding friend.

Remember to engage with your wolf not let it to loose control.

Its good having loyal friends, I do only have one friend who knows what I am, she is a Wiccan Witch... but no, I feel my human friends would just throw me to the loony bin...

Yep agreed

I got that from my own Pack. My human friend is actually an Angel. Some human's are understanding... until you come across a hunter.


Welcome :)

Why thank you.

You're most welcome