Have You Ever....

It was a radiant night when this happened, It was around 10 o'clock when I started to drift off into a deep sleep, quite comfortable curled above the bed sheets. This was one of the night's I was a proud Beta...

I closed my eye's for a while until a pang of fright rolled down my spine, my orb's opened quickly as the room flashed pale white once. I was breathing quite heavily but I managed to sleep again.

The next day I ask a bunch of school friend's if something that alarmed them at 10 o,clock last night but they all replied that nothing had happened.
I asked my Delta Pack Member Casey the same question... out of the blue and she said....

I slipped down the stair's why?
'Oh... No reason'

Personally... I assume it's the connection between the pack.
What do you think?
AWildLife AWildLife
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I believe it is the connection, but do you know your pack members in person? If so its normal... but if not, then probably she was very afraid at the moment...

I know her in reality. So It must be the connection, in fact she's one of my best friends.

Then it is normal, wolves develop a special bond within pack members, but it only works if you have met them in person... Once they are banned from the pack (physically), the bond would brake, leaving a whole on the new lone wolf... That's why they are so dangerous, plus its hard for them to make a strong bond if they try to enter on another pack, but if they create a pack of their own, they would have a normal wolf bond ;)

She won't leave the pack with me and I cannot return back.. I'm going to be a loner forever..

:( Why? You seem to be a nice being...

Thank you..... It means a lot.

PM me ;)

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