Im Tired Of People Asking Me To Turn Them

i am a wolf and the ask me can u turn me well fine but dont come crying to me when it bites u in the ***
estabomb estabomb
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Dont get mad at all who want to be changed. i have a long story for why i want this.

why do u want to

I was born for this but the gene skipped me. I dont feel complete the way i am and i think that dealing with hunters and the dedication that goes into this is worth it. I guess i was just born for it. i live in pain every day because i dont feel the slightest bit complete. I know im not one because i cant even m-shift, but i know i will be one before the year is out. Not being one for me isn't an option.

Dear etsabomb,<br />
I have seen you on many where wolf sites and would like to ask you if you wold be kind enough to tell me what it is like to be a wherewolf. I realize the pain and sacrife you have to go through and don't want to have to endure that. I egarly await your response.<br />
<br />
Sincerely, sodaboy111

i am willing to tell my story

Please do!

pm me

I'm sorry I just joined I dont know what that means.

mssg me

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