I Am A Werewolf Wanting To Physically Shift More.

As the title says I am trying to physically shift more, I can mentally shift perfectly (to me at least) But Ive only physically changed once, I wasnt able to sleep then I felt weird like I was going to throw up and so on, Im assuming you guys know how it goes. Ive also tried meditation to physically shift , it didnt work. So if you guys have any tips or ways to change then please leave a comment. Thank you in advance.
EmberPaw EmberPaw
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4 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Could you help me m- shift?

Find a quite and unpopulated area for practise but also somewhere with cover just incase you need to get out of sight quickly. I find that the shift is easier if you think of the feelings when you shift then it becomes easier, for example feel your legs grow and feel your feet shift but this is quite a painful way

thanks for the advice I will definitaly use this.

How did it go ?

It went okay at first but it felt really weird. Are you supposed to feel your bones streaching or growing?

fire wolf i want to know how to shift but i am unsure of how do i let the wolf come out

I'm still not a master at this even though I've been trying for over a year now. You just have to let yourself feel natural and free, maybe roam through the woods a bit before trying.

i want to know how do you let it shift because i want to but am afraid i will hurt someone