I Was Only Young...

I was so young when I had this dream, so naive and sweet. I never even knew if I was a wolf shifting at this age.
My dream always had the same man with a brown hat, aiming a gun at me... and catching my ankle with a bullet, this dream replayed often... I was just a human in that dream, but did he see my true side reflecting? A side I never even realized.
AWildLife AWildLife
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

it could be a warning

It must be.

Probably you are seeing a future episode? Have you had dreams that become true?

I sometimes dream of the feature, kinda like day Shavuo but dreaming.

Its Deja vu... but well... You are probably being warned.. its a gift that you have there.

You really think so?
Wow. It feels great to know that.

Yes I do, and I can sense.

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