I'm Scared

so i'm scared of what might happen, so there's this werewolf in my town and he/she is really mean i mean like killer mean, and today he/she was making this poor girl almost faint because of what he/she did and now he/she coming to try to kill me and luckily i have not left my sent any where and neither did he/she.
IceMareen IceMareen
16-17, F
4 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Update: it was actually a pack of werewolves, and their pack house is 5 houses down from mine, and it was ones mate screaming from falling on their face. And the pack does not like me what so ever when I first met them one yelled plainly at me and the others in the back round were telling him not to I was to young to worry about.

Um...... Why she tryin to kill you

O **** man ur screwed

Wait... What?