What's Happening?

When I did the spell 2 days ago, this night i was so tired tha i went to sleep at 9:30p.m and I was dreaming that I m-shifted into a wolf i was doing what most wolves do growling , walking on four legs, then after I was running on four legs I had a headache and my body was experiencing pain and I ran into the woods to find a river, I made it to the river and before I knew it I full transformed into a wolf after that I just did what my instincts tell me like growling at animals and owling and such.After a while I was seeing that my dream was fading then I woke up in my bed, but I felt that my body was a litle sore then I was wondering a little if that dream meant something.A few days later , today I found out that my friend heard howls of some kind of canine when it was Wednesday (the exact date where I had the dream).I did the spell on Sunday afternoon and I had the dream on Wednesday.can u guys help me figure out if that dream meant something and if it was real or just a dream shift.
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Sounds like a pretty wild dream.

i had a little mess and y body was hurting a little.

Anymore proof that you p-shifted? Such as dirt, grass, or maybe even blood on you or in your bed?