Hey ik som of u remember me im jade :) well i just recently figured out i am a alpha female .... and im mateless so i need some adive and possibly a mate
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K Leah please message me I am concerned about your post I am worried labeling yourself as mateless at your age and.offering so much info could be a dangerous thing for someone of your age via message on any questions you have but please think about your safety while posting

Not looking for a mate, but I'm a Prime Guardian and work as a mediator as well as a trainer for upcoming alphas. I usually train in person, but I will assist you if you wish. Just message me with any questions and I'll be glad to help :)

Hey message me I'm an alpha, and need training..

There is only so much I can do online

several things my dear. first of all you are too young to be an alpha. it takes alot to get to that point and you lack the age and experience. aside from that a mate is unnecessary. that is a preference not a requirement.

I agree, that's how I started mentoring! Some of the younger wolves think they are ready, but as soon as I start their training they fail miserably. I try to get them to see that they have a lot of growing up to do and there are even some alphas that are unable to even m-shift. The best I can do is teach them what is expected of them and what the responsiblity of being an alpha means. Some of them are great leaders, but if they ever met an adult alpha it might en badly

Was inherited not earned

Thats why i like where i live its small no one really is here and the ones that are wolves are 20-30 and their rogues

Wait you inherirted your postion as alpha?

Yea ik its weird but true ... i got it young because my brother gave it up because hes gay .... and he doesn't want to be made fun of for it

that's ridiculous

Ma'am if u do not like my stuff thrn LEAVE ME THE FREAK ALONE please

I meant about the gay thing, don't jump to conclusions. Its not a matter of 'liking' anything. I assure you, you do not wish me to give my opinion in full. You might need therapy afterwards. :)

I already need therapy so but ive been trying to tell him their not gonna judge u but hmmm my brother wont listen

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