I Really Want To Become A Werewolf So Bad

I am willing to give up everything please I know the risks , and I'm willing to take them . Ever since I was five I was fascinated with the ability to change into a wolf and I am wanting to become one and if you are a werewolf and you are ever in Corpus Christi Texas Ā contact me.
Iwant2becomeawerewolf1 Iwant2becomeawerewolf1
13-15, M
3 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Hey what kind of werewolf are u? If you are good? I want to be good? If you are bad, I don't want be bad. Oky. So only good werewolf type. Oky. & I'm a werewolf type. But I'm human. I want to be a good werewolf, to save humans and werewolves. For the humans to learn about wolves. & how they work together to survive. & find a good packs to live. & help live and learn. & work hard. & protect the family. Thanks please help me. šŸ˜Š.

Werewolve arent real. If you want to believe in something that badly, you can convince yourself. For example;

If you spend more time playing guitar, youll become good at guitar, if you play a lot of foot ball, youll become a good football player. If you spend your time convincing yourseld of werewolves youll bcome good at make believe and loose sight of whats real; becoming a weirdo. My advice? Spend your time on something more complex because youre probably smart ;)

You should finish being teenager first dude play some football chase some girls that sort of thing, shoot ask any over the age of twenty they'd trade places with you in a second, what could be so bad for you warrant such a drastic life change lil brother