Any One Know Some Spells? Or Anything Please Im Desperatteee

please tell me any thing to become a werewolf pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13-15, F
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Is their a spell that will work instantly?
How do you know it worked?
Are you going to be a wolf or a shapeshifter?
How long will it take it to work?

Not possible. I'm a Wiccan and u have to be born with the werewolf gene to be one

I now know that sorry about that turns out the i am a werewolf by blood

Say on a full moon "I wish to be a werewolf , howling at the moon, this is who I really am, I'm ready for this to be ME! " say 7 times. when you have that, concentrate on being a werewolf and every night with a full moon you will be a werewolf. (the spell will take about 2 days/nights to work) side affects are:wanting to go out on a full moon,drinking lot's of water and growling lots . It will only work if you keep believing

I know someone who has a spell. pm me.

yoiI would like to speak with yoi

You lol

ok... pm me then.

It wouldn't let me

send me a friend request then mssg me.

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