Try Howling With Your Dog

Well I discovered this by accident; One night I was so pist off, and sad (extremely sad) so I got this itching feeling at the back of my throat and I started howling, my sister´s dog wich I dont really like(not personally just I dont like the dog so I dont have a 'relationship' of some sort with the dog), well the dog ran into my room and started like crying not a normal crying like sofocated crying and then she started howling with me. It was very funny, ever since that night when I feel sad and I howl the little dog does the same.

Sadness is not the only feeling I´ve experimented strangly, and unfortunately or not, I´ve never transformed, its normally with anger when I feel like, my heartbet increases, I start to sweat and feel hot, my vision trembles a bit and even my backbones, arms and neck bones start to crack but thats it, somehow I cool down and the anger goes away. I noticed since I reached 16 years old and my senses just increased strangely that my anger has grown, my tolerance its falling down and this strange things have come stronger.
GabrielW GabrielW
18-21, M
Sep 20, 2012