So i like to watch. To see how others interact. I have been an alpha for a very long time. Longer than some of you here have even been aware of your nature. I have been watching something that was just a typical thing I've seen a million times. A challenge of credibility.

EVERYONE has been accused of not being wolf at sometime in their life. It is common. Personally NONE OF YOU have ANY right to make that claim.

As wolves you are meant to respect all life. If they wish to believe they are something they aren't then that is their bane. Not yours.

You are not presenting yourselves as wolves should.

That being said im going to remind you all the rules of challenge. They are as followed. When a challenge is issued it is between those two individuals. NOT the involvement of pack. It is a dual. That is the purpose of challenging. To not involve the whole but only the individuals.

So you got called a fake. So? You know what you are. That is all that matters. I have spoke to both individuals of the challenge in question. Both have the same cause for aggression. Which in my opinion is petty. You have been around humans too long that you have forgotten the things that make us strong.

So this is what i say. You two have disrupted your community because you have felt personally insulted. When wolves have one that is creating a risk to their well being they will eliminate the offending party . I will not take action in it for its not my place. But perhaps you should take all this into consideration before you continue this squabbling. Hate each other if you must but treat each other with respect. Wolf or not.
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There's only one thing I can so to this and that's AAWWOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

please can you change me i have always felt that i should be more then human and have wanted to be a lycan for as long as i can remember please message me

i am not a lycan i am something else and obviously you have a reading/listening problem.

and u have a lying problem u cant thats true surely ur not an alpha and not what u claim to be to begin with 007 dont waste ur time most ppl on this site are real bored liars with a creative mind but i could help u get wat u want.

What are you talking about?