Ever since I was young I would talk to spirits.
My mom still teases me about it. She thought they were 'imaginary friends'. Little did she know they weren't 'imaginary'. They were as real as she was.
Now I struggle with a lot. Anger, school, family, friends. Nothing seems to go right. I'm not fake. No, I haven't 'shifted' physically. I can m shift perfectly though.
This website seems to be a lot of drama, but I'm still looking to get help.
If anybody has methods, training schedule type things so I can start training, etc, please contact me through PM. Thank you. :)
TheRisingPhoenix TheRisingPhoenix
18-21, F
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I messaged you

I know..

I was not sure you got it sure this site is not showing when messages are sent

I think I added you.

If you tried to FB did not get it

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I have CP and Autism. Feel free to add me

I'm not autistic. -.- and what the hell is CP?

Cerebral Palsy


I have trouble socially

I understand. I have social anxiety. :c

If you want to add me on here feel free

Already did...

I see now. If you want to also Facebook, Michael Riedel in Charlotte.

Okay. :)

If you add me FB, would never go to your area just to let you know

Okay.. I don't know which one you are......

Can you send it in message?

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Yeah, I'm looking for help too. And yes, there is a hell of a lot drama out there. :P

Too much.

Bro I can help I know there is a lot of drama

There is.. And it's do pointless. :c