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Okay so last night I had a dream of a grey wolf, and I was running from him, I looked back and it was gone, anybody has any idea what that is about?.
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Try entering a lucid dream state were u realise ure dreaming then stop and let the wolf get u

Okay I will

If u gave me more about the dream like the setting and were u were going or what u were doing then i could a wolf that dissapears isnt anuf

My grandmothers house in her back yard

So u were running from a wolf in your grandmas back yard well grey is usually symbollic for mystery or shadow the fact it disapeard means it was chaseing but quit a wolf means beast ur granmas house wold represent somthing familiar. So it prob means an important memorie about your wolf side has been lost or forgoten to u

Ah. Does it mean my wolf doesn't really know me?.

Well it knows u its just temporarily lost to u or u dont know your wolf well it could also mean it has a secret to tell u

Oh his would I figure this out? Cuse tbh I dont my wolf

Duno meditating always helps so try to find your wolf through medatation talk to it let it answer your question if u cant find it its prob the first thing if u do it will lead u

Ps. Sage helps make medatation stronger

Since your a wolf so wold being in nature

Well thanks

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