I Want To Be A Real Werewolf!!!!

Hey I'm Noah I am 15 and I have thought I was a vampire a werewolf back and forth but I realized I want to be a real transforming werewolf I'm serious but I don't want to renounce god I want to be one without being evil please only real honest not fake joke responses I NEED TO BE ONE!!!!
Fullmoonrunner Fullmoonrunner
13-15, M
4 Responses Sep 25, 2012


your a fake if you have to "decide" your a pure fake

Dude there like anything else they have freedom of will and there were werwolf stories befor cristianity or to be more broad any religion with jesus god and mary therfore u cant offend him it has nothing to do with god

I want does not always mean you get. It's not something that you can just be given as such, unless god or whomever purposefully grants you the gift of transformation. It can usually only be passed down through the family. But who knows, there are hundreds of different stories out there of personal experience! Maybe you really are one, but it doesn't truly develop until you reach a certain age (I've read it's 16). And being a werewolf doesn't have to mean you're evil, some can be but most aren't!