Werewolf Spell

Hi I might be a werewolf and I'm getting help from loupg but ppl always say they work and I thought only a gene could do it
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No speel works you are either born or youre not

Lol this post cracks me up so so fake

Who is The red man?a

I am a werewolf its not strictly genetic. Humans have 2% of DNA that separates them from animals. I have 1%. Sell your soul red man can give u anything. I know a curse. That I used on my friends. I was once a omega. Now I'm the alpha of my own pack.

why would u sell youre own soul and who is The red man?

Um actualy you have to be BORN a werewolf or born with the werewolf gene NO spells work that's just a whole lot of bs

Sorry no werewolves you strictly have to be born one or you're not one at all

Can you change an altered human

No werewolves cannot change humans that's Hollywood bullshit

I'm not sure yoy get the question. Normal human dna I get . I have some chromosomal changes.

Still No

As the Bite and scratch thing is allade up by Hollywood bullshit

so it's your opinion that a transfusion of mitochondrial cells would not alter the recipient at all?

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my family is a pure blood line of werewols weve fought other creatures and have castle for a safe place

I wanted to be a werewolf for along time

Sorry but you can't

It is only genetic.

Well cuz of a lot of dog/wolf like traits

Lol Nope

Sorry human but there's no spell for being a werewolf...well there WAS but it was lost long ago and doesn't work anymore

Don't no if IM human yet

I might be a wolf

How could you tell?

Nope there were no working spells that's just a bunch of bs people made up to give false hope

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Don't listen to loupg, he has no idea what he's talking about. I suggest you talk to someone else to get help besides him

yeah....I agree with Angel. There's no spell to turn someone into a werewolf, vampire, etc.
The only spells the witches can really do for things like that are summoning familiars and mindset alterations, but no physical transformations like into us. Even if they LOOK similar by some spell....that'd only be (if it existed) an illusion and the subject would still be human, not wolven. It'd be like lying to yourself.

I read over that thread. He's full of crap especially since he was on here not but a few days ago looking for a teacher. blind leading the blind. SMH. THERE IS. NO. SPELL!

I'm getting the impression u don't like loupg

i was ok at first til he started writing more..

What do u not like bout him

The fact he doesn't know what he's talking about and is giving bad advice.

Oh hmmmm well then can u tell if I'm a wolf I'll tell u bout me later I'm at school now


Send me a message and ill tell you what i think...

Ok I'm 13 so still a pup. I have tons of wolf traits I'll name a lot here
Tons of energy and I regain it fairly fast, I'm super fast, I have outstanding hearing, I can bear crawl pretty fast, i have a little bit of a short temper, I was born in Minnesota the land of wolves wich I would think a lot of werewolves would go, my great grandpa was part Indian, I get energized by the full moon, I love nature, I run around with my dog on all 4s everyday, I feel closer to dogs then humans, I like dogs better then humans and I think they feel the same about me, I loved wolves all my life, and I like to play with my brother by tackling him and stuff. I've tried m-shifting 2 times one time I only tried for bout 1 minute though just to try and it worked the second time I fell asleep on accident lol

Ya I no my moms granpa is native American and my dads side is German/european

? Lol

Haha lol

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Ughhh I hate being young on full moons. I have do much energy right now I feel like u can run for awhile lol. To bad I'm 13 and have to be in bed.

Honestly hun I dont think any of those things constitute being a werewolf...

What r werewolf traits u think of then

I will not be telling you that. Cause then you willstart claiming it.

I dont claim what's not true so choose what u want

If your a werewolf or wolf the full Mon has no effect on you what so ever

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