I am a Werewolf hunter, i have been in combat with 5 werewolves and killed 3
samsam14 samsam14
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yes katnip413 why do u need my help i can help

Im real and i need your help

why do u need my help cuz im gonna help you

well im a real werewolf im not afraid of u

you know werewolves are real but why do u hunt them because im werewolf and i dont do any thing really that bad well mabey

you know werewolves are real but why do u hunt them because im werewolf and i dont do any thing really that bad well mabey

Why kill werewolf.

if ur a real werewolf, is there any werewolf hunters in Ethiopia,Africa????

HE GUESS WHAT I am one and if u don't think so then all of you are idiots and how would you know im not 1 in the first place unless you know my entire life and seriously doubt anyone could kill me and I know a lot of people who are one to so back off if u don't think so

Why do hunters and wolfs kill each other for no reason?

They don't kill each other for no reason its usually the hunters fualt killing for sport or whatever or they are hooked on what Hollywood thinks and preicives of werewolves they think wolves are monsters when they are NOT

I posted this like 3 years ago as a joke, and i find it disturbing that you all think you are actual Werewolves, and Vampires.

These people watch way too much MTV Teen Wolf

Lol I never have watched it ever I don't watch much fake movies nor TV shows

Never watched any movies nor shows

Then don't come on here in the first place genius

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Samsam14, first of all I can kill you right now. I highly dout you are a werewolf hunter. Because five wolves ca n take down an entire base of "Real" hunters. You, you are probably just some kid who wants attention. If you were any older, I'd track you down and eat your heart myself.

My name is, well, I'll spare real names for the sake of anonymity. We'll call me A. This guy, who I've known for a while but haven't been in contact with much, suddenly wanted to spend time with me the other day. A lot of my friends and I often walk the trials at a lake near the mall, so I decided to bring him - who we'll call Mr. Mirror - to the lake that evening. While walking one of the trails, Mr. Mirror abruptly changes the subject and says, "I need to tell you something about myself. I'm a monster hunter." I thought he was kidding so I went along with the joke, but he kept an earnest demeanor and told me he was completely serious. I stuttered a little and then, being the skeptic that I am, began peppering him with questions. Mr. Mirror had a busted lip, which earlier he explained was caused from a tripping into a nightstand, but now he revealed his lip got busted the night before while hunting 2 vampires. He claims he's killed hundreds of vampires and werewolves and his trunk is filled with weapons - machetes, guns, knives, spears, etc. It felt just like the scene in Twilight when Bella discovers Jacob hunts bloodsuckers. I feel like Mr. Mirror is absolutely insane, but what if he's not? What if he's telling the truth and people like me are the ones who're crazy for not knowing the truth? If anyone has experience with actual hunters or has any advice on how to find out what's really going on with Mr. Mirror, please help me out.

Trust real hunter will actually up front tell what they are also seriously hr has told a lie already about his lip second I have never seen came across a hunter in my lifetime also they hunt the bad ones and powerheads

Why would you do that you sociopath?

Who are you calling a sociopath??

Hmmm....I would hope that he's talking about the OP. You know, the teenager who had fought 5 werewolves and killed 3.

And the author said he posted it as a joke and he finds it disturbing that there are real werewolves

And he posted it in 2012.



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I'm a vampire and if we meet your a dead man walking, I know I'm suppose to be on your side but I guess I'm a trader, call me what you please, I stand with the werewolves, I hate to tell you guys but you can kill a werewolf, I know because I've watched it happen... I've watched a hunter take the life of his prey, the werewolf, I know it was wrong but I was stupid and did nothing I stood and watched while that wolf looked me right in the eyes, begging me for help but I didn't, I watched him suffer and eventually he die before me, when I knew I could save him but I chose not to because of what other vampires would think of me , well now I don't care and if you really are a hunter then I dare you to come and get me, I'm a vampire, I'm an easy kill or am I ...

Dear vampire, is there any way we could talk in private. I believe it could benefit us both.

This kid just wants too be turned I can tell

who me?

Yes, usually when a kid says let's chat privatley they want to be turned

actually it was for a different reason all together. And no I'm not a kid. But I see where your coming from.

Who's stronger were wolfs or vampires?

Both are equialy strong but I'd say werewolves

Pm me

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Really guys? When you sit here and threaten them or swear at them it only gives them the satisfaction of ******* you off and that is what they want. To get a rise out of you.

i know but some times its nice to troll the trolls XD

Yeah.. When you are ******* them off. Not the other way around. :P

ahh well you see i can play this game you see i know all of your ideas and i know that we will always be the better breed because we don't murder people as much as you and we have a bigger brain so poor old pathetic hunters

i pity you poor sod if you ever where to come across anything like me you sure wouldnt be able to sit behind a cp and brag about it i promise you that

AdarSparty17.. *clears throat* he didn't say he got into combat 5 times. he said he got into a combat with 5 werewolves... that could mean either that or at the same time... and if he were a werewolf he could have a better chance at escaping you freaking weirdo! stop being rude at least he's not lazy like you and makes this. your just a disgrace to your kind.... the chimpanzees! Samsam14 thanks for making this even if its not accurate or real :D


Lol this guy is a faker and an idiot.

Oh please give it a rest. U can't kill werewolves we kill u first. Fake much?

Errm fake much? A professional would take them all out and if you came into combat 5 times and won 3 you'd be dead I'm afraid.

* Cough Cough * Fake *Cough*

One hunter simply cannot kill 3/5. We fight back fuul force to protect our brethren and will do whatever is neccecary. I should know, I've killed a few hunters before. There weak as ****. XD

Haha yes my good sir take some of these pieces of **** crackheads out of this world

What in gods name did we do to you? You are a no good pathetic piece of ****.

Ya get other people to do your work nice coward. We have done nothing. So just **** off.

Crack heads?. Really?

why? have they done anything to you?