Greetings Kin.

I am Beowulf, A large male Alpha in the United Kingdom.

Im 17 and currently larger than most other Werewovles i've met, however recently my pack recently disbanded due to some arguments which ended in alot of death.

I absolutely hate the little kids who run around pretending to be a werewolf, and would gladly ashow them what a real wolf can do. I hope i can find some 'real' kin here to share my experiences and stories with.
AlphaBeowulf AlphaBeowulf
18-21, M
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"my pack recently disbanded due to some arguments which ended in alot of death."

Should be on the news surely?

Alright, listen. I apologize for belittling your name, but I've heard it online SO OFTEN that it isn't even funny anymore.

By the way, with your comment on how "it was hard for you, growing up with as little as three of your own kind around"...sorry, but grow up. I had to live alone most of the time since I was little. My human father, who may or may not even be my biological father, left when i was little and has caused trouble since for my mother, who has to work many jobs just to keep ends meet for herself and me, and I've been alone for YEARS. I'm an adult now, and I STILL see little of my mother. I had NO wolven friends near me at all. NONE. Everyone has called me a freak and insane for years, and it hurts. Being an outcast your ENTIRE life hurts like HELL. So, I'm sorry if I belittled your wondeful heroic name and you had a hard childhood, but listen up because you're NOT THE ONLY ONE. Many of us have and you are NOT a special case. So, if you ARE a wolf, then just say so, and if you're a human, say so. Don't hide behind a monitor and talk all majestic and expect everyone to simply revere your magnificent existence.

Things like that are the reason I hardly ever hang around humans...far too egotistical for my like. Always think they're problems are worse than everyone else's...

I had no father, a human mother. I was in the same situation you were, I had no clue even what the hell i was for 19 years. I didnt demand respect or honour its something i just grew up with, Im sorry my name is overused in the roleplay but its my name and im proud to bear it.

I didnt say my problems were worse than others either,

Whoa, Whoa..."Roleplay?" Is that what you think this is?

No.. I said im sorry if my name is used by roleplayers alot.

ah. alright then. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

Its alright. Mistakes are made, I hope we can put this behind us.

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...."BEOWULF"?! I'm sorry, but...seriously?
You couldn't be a LITTLE more original?.... My apologies, but I believe this one to be a fake.

If not, message me and prove it.

Beowulf? Im Welsh and Beowulf is the name of a Welsh hero? that is uncommon is it. The fact you insult my name is enough cause the anger me, but i will play your trails if i must prove myself.

tottaly agree.
99% of the posts are from fakers. pseudo werewolfs....

Well im not but i really couldnt care less what you think

This coming from a kid *rolls eyes. Btw do you even know what a pike is and where it originated?

Actually I'm not young and I'm not an online alpha tyvm

Physical age is one thing. Even in that stand point my title is not self appointed it was earned and given by la Luna, Selene. It was not a choice

Just making a point

I do to a point but I hate how people 'think' we are.

Im sorry if you feel me ignorant but growning up were there is as few as three of your kind forces one to rely on himself. If you are asking about the pike im on about i believe it was developed during the early middle ages.

I do know because I had to go at it alone. And wrong. PreAD. It was a common weapon for Roman infantry.

Then I am glad for your company, and also a little knowledge does not hurt thank you for sharing. You are a wise women ;)

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