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I Wish...

I wish i was a werewolf. So i could find a mate, someone to love me for me... :( Anyone?
tigger12many tigger12many 13-15, F 1 Response Nov 5, 2012

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First of all unless you're 15 you don't need a mate yet, and second of all you have to be born with the genetics of the werewolf

Exactly! Most of them are under 14! It's sad really...

I'm 14 and I've already been in a relationship and it was probably was worst mistake i made at this age.
natures first green is gold,
her hardest hue to hold,
and early leafs a flower,
but only so an hour,
so leaf subsides to leaf,
so Eden sank to grief,
so dawn goes down to day,
nothing gold can stay.
this poem was written by Robert Frost and it's telling you that you need to enjoy your youth as long as you can it's the best part of your life and you don't want to miss it.

You're wise for being so young..

I do the best I can and give the best advice I can

Well you're intelligent.

Really most "people" don't think so

They're 'stupid' then.

yea most of the time when i try to help resolve problems people tell me to shut up and go away because i have no idea what's going on when i was standing there when it started.

Ha! See they're stupid. And ignorant. And thoughtless. And just ugly..

Philosophy is a way to live

TheShadowHunter14 it's so crazy you just wrote that because thats what my class and I were annotating from the book the outsiders. We were discussing the meaning of that poem so I am shocked to **** right now but yeah your right.

well Ragedwolf I also read that book and that's where i first read the poem and it's what I live by and I'm glad I could help

Yeah it was crazy cause we were annotating that poem in class just today. Might I ask and this is off topic but do you believe in werewolves,vamps the supernatrual etc.

yes I am one a werewolf to be more specific

Yes I am as well. Trust me that was a journey for me and I was in a dark place during that time. Are your parents werewolves or any of your relatives and if so did they tell you and if not how is it you found out.

my father is a werewolf and my mom told me because my father left before i was born

I wish I was told what I was that journey was a dark one but I overcame that to which plagued me mentally and emtionally. Know that your brothers and sisters are here to support you and I am here to support you as well. Might I ask what are your nationalities I am African American,Spanish,Indian and European.

Truly All I know is that I'm american

I only asked because werewolves aren't native to America meaning werewolves didn't originate in America. Shifters or skinwalkers are I think are native to America though. Some Native Americans as well as were known as shifters or skinwalkers. I would recommend finding out though it helped me.

Again i really don't know my dad left before i was born

That sucks. I know that this comes from my fathers side.

yea well anything else you need help with on the poem?

No I didn't need help with anything just reading around. Though you did open my eyes to what this poem means. Have you fully shifted or practiced shifting yet. From what I heard shifting ages are 17-25 but there have been exceptions to what age one fully shifts.

I mentally shift but not P-shift

So are you saying that you'll never physically shift?

Nope but I know I have the potential to

Well I think that every werewolf physically shifts but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

I haven't P-shifted yet but i believe that i just haven't reached that point yet

Well I haven't fully shifted yet either but I've practiced.

good for you hope it works out well I'm just gunna let it happen naturally

Yeah that's what I'm doing that's why stoped practicing.


Also the only thing I really practice doing is shifting my eye color because one it looks cool my eyes almost gold haven't shifted them to be fully gold yet. Two it just helps keep me idk familiar with shifting or at least the feeling.

yea It's kinda hard for me I have hazel eyes so it's kinda weird

I don't think it matters your I color.

Idk all i know is that the instinct is there and i guess that's all that matters at this point.

Well you know what you are and that's what matters don't let anyone tell you different. Add me to your circle I wish to be friends.


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