I...want To Join A Pack...

I know that I'm a bit meek and all, and that some of you probably doubt my being wolven, but...I want to join a pack. A REAL pack, not one of those rp ones! I...I can be helpful to a pack...really! I've always wanted a purpose, like...to help or serve someone like an alpha...but never had the guts to really come out and say it from fear of rejection. But...I want to join a pack. Please, someone let me join! I don't care what I end up doing for the pack, be it even a seemingly insignificant part. I just want to be a part of something. Get to know some of my brothers and sisters out there. And...no feel so alone...
Duskfang Duskfang
18-21, M
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You can join my pack :) Its called Blackblood Pack.

Well....I've thought it over....and for now, if you'll have me, I'd like to join Blackblood Pack.
Though, let's just get this straight....I don't trust people until I'm SURE I can... I've been hurt so many times that I need to make sure I can trust them before I really try to get to know others.

Are you in a physical pack now? I read this post and thought i should ask, I'm looking for a pack, I am female, and I am around 13-14, IDK. I was dumped on humans really young.

I know how you feel. I cant trust any humans.

I need you to add me to your circle before we can talk


I cant. Your profiles blocked.

huh...that's weird. I cant add you either.Must be the age difference.

Yeah cause I dont have anything blocking my profile from anyone either. Weird.

Add yourself to the group.

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Truthfully I'm not one to run with a pack I'm more a lone wolf haha. Yes I have friends that would back me in an argument but I usually seem to get along fine. And I know that if I ever had a problem that I could just come and talk to some one on here and they'd help me to the best of their ability. I'm not one to have a pack and I feel that running alone I don't face as many problems like people getting in my way, telling me how to do something, or even taking my kill. So I guess some of us feel that we need a pack to feel needed but I for one don't.

You can join mine if you want

Thank you. That's a very kind offer. ^^
I'll definitely give it thought.