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Its something I have noticed and has been mentioned a few times in passing. There has been this whole 'come join my pack'. Do you not realize that this is where a lot of you screw up? The fact you will accept anyone and anything? I'm for being open minded but to me it's just irresponsible. As is also the fact of anyone under 20 being alpha. I would rather have my small pack of tried and true actual wolves than a big pack of children who may or may not be real. It's reduces drama and problems. Im very selective and picky about who comes in and they meet with the current members. Does it sound elitist? Yes. But I've also been head of my pack for over five years with no problems or conflict and the same members I started with. Something to think about.
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Hello.My pack is a good pack my mate and I are an awesome team with what we do in and outside of the pack and we are 100%/real

Ey can u turn me into a werewolf plx i want to be like u please talk to me


so you claim to be a wolf? do you really know what makes a man or woman a wolf i wonder?

Forums kind it's a spiritual imprint. We reincarnate.

*for. Auto got me.

You are 100% right in your thinking. Humans are the only evil I see on this earth!!

Wait if blood isn't passed down then how are there born alphas

There is no such thing as born alpha.

I'm sorry that idiotic role players have taken over, but I have the blood of a Beta, and it annoys the Hell out of me as well. I join online packs to try and stop these things from going on. Hence the words "Talk to me or my Alpha about it." in my story.

Excuse me...blood of a beta? Explain that please.

My father is the Beta of my physical pack.

You do realize rank is not genetic right?

Yes, but my father was a Beta, and so was his and it goes back for a while, so people in my pack just assume that I'll be a Beta as well.

That's called a legacy dear. Not blood. You give the wrong impression when you say that.

Sorry, I'm not the best at English and I couldn't think of a word to describe it.

Funny you say that when I just started a thread on the subject.

Hahaha, it's my second language.

What's your first language?

Italian :)

Your slowly working to my good side...

Nice my First language is spanish ^^my second is english, and my third is french, though I've been searching for italian lessons, since my grandmother is italian, and I'm probably acquiring the nationality...

English Cherokee and Latin.

Thank you SheAngel, and cool Sagata :)

SheAngel19, Saxgurl212 is very nice, I had already talked to her sometime before, she is indeed a wolf, and she is very friendly, you'll get to meet her with time ^^

That's very cool, like speaking ancient languages, that must be awesome ^^

Thanks but I'll decide for myself. Friendly matters little to me. Wouldn't want to jeopardize my reputation of being a b¡tch.

Don't worry then ^^:P jk

Cherokee is one of my native languages and Latin makes it easier to learn other languages because it's a root language.

Thank you Sagata :), and I'm in the process of learning Dutch. SheAngel, that is amazing that you can speak those languages :).

So you are cherokee? Sweet!! ^^And well, indeed latin is a root language for to many languages...

Cherokee Choctaw and chicasaw

nice ^^

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