I'm NO longer The Alpha Female Of The Full Moon Pack,were Recruiting

I'm NO longer the alpha of this pack. Go see 2 chainzrocks if,you want a pack.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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What. Happened goldpaw

None of your concern. I'm not the alpha anymore,end of story.

Easy gold. I was just wondering. You were one of the best alphas on here

Does this still apply? I'm a lone wolf. I'm black and a fast runner.

No. Sorry,I should've deleted this. I'm no longer the alpha of this pack.

Can i be in your pack i have a pack of my own but i seem to think i am not wanted i dont know why though as i am the alpha female its me the girl that was talking with u the other day please helpme xx

You'll have to go get your affairs in order with your pack. Then come see me.

that is so cool

Thanks ^^

i have a few questions. ok im not a werewolf but i really want to be one. is there a way for someone to turn me into one? i really really want to be one but i also need to know some things like.. do u turn every night or every full moon? and like does it hurt when u turn?

Your born a wolf. We can shift whenever we want. It hurts. Look kid,that nice,but if your not one,your never going to be. That's the truth,whether you like it or not.

I am but I can't tell enyone cuz I have proof that I changed not in like the Turing into an wolf but the actions of one .... I need help can you tell me more about it ?

So you'll join? I'll PM you.

well uh 2chainzrockz still didnt finished with my questions do you know the next question

Sure. What was the last question he asked you? Also Happy Birthday! :D

thanks its something about meetings

Oh yeah. You can't ever be late for a meeting,the first time your late,you get a warning,the second time,your out of the pack. I'll try to make an acception,because I'm not always prompt myself,and every wolf deserves a good pack.

ya I know when are the meetings because I get home around 3 and i got to put this away at 9

Whenever Drake posts on your whiteboard. Or writes a story of it. I got your back,I won't let you get our of this pack,unless you want to. During schooldays,I get out at 3:15 and have to get off at 7:50. On the weekend,I'm available until 12:00.

sweet but what is the next question

Uh......no idea. Just PM him and ask.

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My mate,the male alpha of this pack,wants you to PM him. His username is 2chainzrocks.

Yes I want you to pm me


Can I join? I'm a loner female.im black and white. My name is spirt.

Maybe,I'll PM you. Spirt or Spirit?

I can't get on your profile,ya know,because of the whole 'Privacy settings' I'm not saying it's bad,I have the privacy settings for who's not in your circle. I'll tell you what,I'll take my privacy settings down,then you add me as a friend,so we can talk. Okay?