They Are Physically Real

Well let me start by saying, for those people keep B Sing other werewolves (which i highly respect to those who are and which i am one) to leave the group if you are doing that. .  Now let me introduce myself (i will not give my real name) i am TheBloodWolf( my wolf pack sisters call me Dante). I have been doing studies on the werewolf species for some time now. i'm 14 in eighth grade and in a band called Tragedy. im one of the guitarist of the band. i'm in a wolf pack with other werewolves that a couple of years older than me. The alpha of the pack doesn't know anything about the werewolf species. (im the only male in the pack). i think i should be the alpha for our pack and vote her out. 

i apologize for the original content that was was here i did even further research and there is an actual physical transformation. there was a video i just watched that i believe happened in Portugal where a man had video taped a wolf-man type creature. 

for those who are a brother/sister of the wolf bands out there, i just want to say thanks for reading this
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Trust me when I say don't mess with a female alpha they tend to be much less forgiving

I think you are off to a good start but you have a loooooong way to go. I do like your manners though.

thank you very much

I find it silly that people make more of a connection with your age, an irrelevant number, than with your words...
I understand that you are young, but me personally, I always feel the need to doubt people who would judge someone simply by I said it is rather irrelevant, a measurement of personal time and nothing more... age does not equal wisdom or intelligence...intelligence and wisdom relating to age makes about as much sense as Obama being related to martians...

Good luck with your learning, your best bet is to learn from others of your kind, while I get that it is hard since they are too busy judging you by your age, there are some who may be willing to help you learn.

Because it's like listening to a 13 year old kid talk about what it's like to support themselves. I'm mot saying it doesn't happen just that it is extremely unlikely and a hard thing to accept.

i hope to learn more. thanks

"extremely unlikely" about as unlikely as breathing sheangel...
Intelligent children are not hard to come by, adults do not suddenly become smart or wise because they are older, nor does our age mean we have experienced more. For one thing don't read it, and then you will not feel the need to comment, simply look at the persons age and continue on if you are so offended. Theoretically since you are older than I based on what this site should already know these things, which only further proves my point. Another that not what this site is for? "supporting themselves", in a way it's like your saying "No you cannot love yourself! You must only show hate unto yourself!"

how about constructive critisism instead? Explain to them what you feel they do not know, so that they may learn. Teach, a person can not gain knowledge if the knowledge cannot be found.

Otherwise you only bring yourself below the person you are directing your derogatory, spiteful, cruel and/or hateful words towards....that is not what the youth should learn to do...unless we simply want civilized societies to grow less and less intelligent on average over the course of centuries...instead of the opposite.

Since I am out and about I will answer further on this later. But for now.....a light hand is the problem with today's youth. Everyone is soooo sensitive and overreact. Like you are doing right now. And fyi.....I did teach. For little over five years thank you very much.

Oh and since you horribly misunderstood in your desire to scold as in living on their own and caring for themselves, truly independent. Has nothing to do with loving oneself. If you wish to try and go toe to toe with me then by all means.

sensitive?overreact?me?your freaking hilarious...I agree a light hand is a huge problem with todays youth, along with the lack of the willingness to teach. I don't think you get what I mean about teaching...I don't mean as a job, I mean anytime you encounter a younger person making a mistake. Hell why not just anybody making a mistake, fix it now or it WILL happen again with the same person.
I see I missunderstood your support, regardless there are children that can and do support themselves as you say.
so you answer a couple of things and think you've outdone me? How silly, its not going toe to toe when your far over the head of the other. How about instead of trying to compete, you simply take my advice to help instead of berrate? I was not trying to outdo you, or make you look bad (you've done that plenty well yourself mind you.), I was simply asking you to be the adult, not the teenage kid who feels the need for a rude attitude because of your belief in superiority. We are a civilized society, not barbarians. While strict discipline is a requirement for intelligence, teaching, and learning all the same, ignorance is not.

Yes but you can't help those who refuse to learn. I can correct all day long but it makes no difference when they dont listen. And I'm sorry hun but you thinking your superior is the joke since legitimate debate is beyond you. I would also like to point out I didn't say there weren't kids that support themselves. I said it was extremely rare. Some how doesn't seem I'm the one making an *** out of themselves....

To jump on someones tail before attemting to help doesn't help anyways, you can't tell when someone is refusing to learn when you instantly snap at them.
Me thinking I am superior? pffft I know I am superior!

I was more rephrasing the statement than arguing whether you stated how rare it was or wasn't, notice the "as you say"?
I am not the one angry at someone else due to their age, so yeah it's kinda you making the *** of yourself...not that I was originally implying that anyways, but hey thanks for bringing that up.
So if I can't bring a legitimate debate...what does this say about you? You seemingly refuse to read anything other than what you want me to say, adding and changing as you please. You bring out sides of an argument that are agreed upon as if we still argued over them. If that is how you debate than maybe me joking about superiority (stemming from your acting superior mind you. Not a good factor in any debate.) might be more of a fact than a joke.
Once again my whole point was simply to explain explaining before biting. (I am having fun with these werewolf puns...It really was not originally intended but due to my manner of typing they did appear)

Actually I'm not getting too detailed because this keeps getting bought up while I'm occupied with more important things. I.e. I was on a date last night and at work tonight.

not getting too detailed...when your adding new chains to the sure what you mean by bought up, unless your trying to say your trolling or something like that...but that doesn't matter to me anyways...(I like trolls...they
I hope your date went well btw, but no worries, I've never been keen on peoples love lives so I won't pry. What's your job?

Great date and I'm a press operator in a factory and a mma coach

Really? That's pretty neat, I never would have guessed mma coach, I got the feeling you were a hands on working type, but never would have guessed mma coach. How much does one make coaching mixed martial arts? If you don't mind me asking.

I volunteer. Actually I've had a wide spectrum of jobs. Everything from web design to detention officer to tattoo artist, freelance writing, office worker and bookkeeperand yes I taught metaphysics and such to young wolves and others for a number of years. Not everything I do is hands on.

That is cool too, free lessons are the best lessons.I am not an artist, tattooing is something I probably wont ever do. Other than that and the detention officer I have done those things too. Wasn't trying to imply that you were some kind of brute or something, I was just meaning that I get the feeling that you tend to enjoy more physical activities than other people, not afraid to get dirty maybe is a good way to put it? yes?no?yes? well I will just leave it at that, take it as you will!
I myself hate the idea of an office job, much less actually doing any office work. I am writing a book but that is very different and so much more fun.
Thats also the only draw back for what I am in college for, I am going to be CSI...meaning I have to do paperwork. Had I not severly injured my shoulder I would be happily living out my days as a borin' ol cop (which wouldn't be boring to me!!).

Thank you :D I am not just a cleaver, but a butcher too. >_< okay that play off your cleaver/clever mispell just was too cheasy...I apologize.
I also apologize to whomever you may have been refering to if you were not calling me clever. (Don't wan't to take someone elses credit)

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hey if you want i wil delete my article and we can forget all that was on here. and i will also delete the other one.

I thought wolves were peaceful creature we arent being peaceful maybe he is real maybe hes not but we cant judge like this and if we keep on like this we arent wolves were the horrible creatures hollywood makes us out to be

hollywood is out to us look bad. we are a peaceful race of beings. i just decide to only show my true self to those i trust. i really do hate the alpha of my pack, same with the rest of the people in my pack. so sorry if i said anything bad that offended you killer123456

not you the ppl that are saying crap about you

there i re-wrote my article. i hope its better than the original.

hey we are all brethren here no need to diss anyone.we are all trying to help eachother out. i know alot about our species. just give me credit for doing this.

Then humor me. Show me what you know. I'm having a very low tolerance for young ones this week. Thank some of the children here for that.

so are you saying i did an ok job for this article? cause if you are thanks, at least i know im not alone here

i know how you feel about low tolerance of the young ones. i have two little sisters who im always annoyed at

This is crap your just a pup and in no position to teach or lead anything.