Who Is Willing To Give Proof

Out of all the posts about people being real wolves, I'd say maybe one or two are probably real. I would like to see if anyone is able to prove it. If you're not willing to prove it then you really have no business saying you are real.
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What specifically do you wamt proven...?


I'm sorry i was rude but its whether you believe it or not. Giving you information would put all of us in danger and I'm not gonna risk it but I hope you find what your looking for...but its not on this site no one is going to proove anything to you because its not worth what could happen after. The most proof you can get by one of us is the stories on here just read and let the words sink in. Hope you find your answers goodluck

We don't need to prove anything, plus its not safe, we call our selves out online, thats true, but offline we keep a low profile, we don't want people to know what we truly are, for the human mind is not capable of accepting something that it doesn't understand, and therefore, might panic. You know what happened some time ago, when witches and witchcraft where considered satanist and people started killing both, witches and innocent humans thought to be witches. So its better to keep a low profile, also if we share anything through the internet, it would be giving you permission to share it, for we have no control on what you would do with such information. As well, there are hunters out there (believe it or not) though their approaches and hunting ways are somewhat primitive if I may say so, and very slow, they still impose a danger to the small amount of us wolves, still out there.

You said it all.

^^just stating the facts... :P

<p>Hmmhmm, I made a post earlier about how people are always asking to 'see' it, or else they won't believe it. Yet another post to the archive of things backing up my point.</p>

I'm offering this put Skype address on here allow us to approach you ultimate way video to video, otherwise your refusal well show you to be rather false.

so lordvolkhark are you claiming to be a werewolf. reading from your post earlier not sure what side of the schism you are on

if so ill be more than willing to see video to video your transformation

Um your not the poster are you?
Wait you are him aren't you?
i asked for address or your Skype name.
Which posts did you read?

I believe I may be capable of shedding some light on this subject. In relation to some posts where your topic is known as "Baiting", well I would be known as a troll to the bait. But, I still have my times where I answer legitimately.

There is no real proof.

Now, before anyone has some breakdown and rages at me for saying this, there is folklore and legends proving it to be true but no-one can truly rely on a legend to believe something. In modern day there is evidence proving that if one sets his/her mind to one thing, then it is possible to mentally achieve this. Physically I am not sure if undergoing such a transformation is true or not. Therianthropy is an excellent example of this.

So, that's what I got thus far. Any questions?

Also for those who are wondering I do not see myself as a werewolf, lycanthrope, or anything similar but other kin (In sense of a therian, being mentally I have the psyche of a wolf and have looked deeply into this over 2 years of studying the creature in comparison to it's personality, then rationalizing it against my own.

Therianthropy is something I am not very familiar with. Your description sounds like my small group of close friends. We believe in the noble nature of the pack. The ideals of lifelong partnership with your lover and the closeness of the bond between our group. That drew us to that line of thought.
I just find it interesting how many claim the abilities of werewolves and even hybrids yet refuse to give any evidence to their claims. The excuses are what make me laugh. A simple no would suffice, but instead a long list of silliness came at me instead. Even hearing the idea of wanting secrecy yet posting on a public forum that someone is a werewolf, how funny. As I said before, if they were truly so worried then this section of EP wouldn't even exist.

Yes. See, therianthropy is the belief that one's mental state of being is that of an animal, in a nutshell. It is an interesting theory which I will explain in depth to you if you wish over PM's (Private messeges) for it is not truly relavent in this conversation.

But I see your point on the wolfism and public sharing.. perhaps they are reaching out for attention? I doubt half of the people here are true. I have a simple questionaire to show whether they are or not, and gauging it by my own IQ (I have taken standardized IQ tests and my base IQ is 157 of 165, being at an above genuis level respectively) I think that it would well represent whether half of this part of EP is false or not.

In all honesty though.. I wonder. How many of you could commit yourself to the moon, and be proud saying it to me face to face? As in, how many of you would be willing to say to me, in person, that you are a wolf on the inside? I doubt many could. However it still stands. There are brave ones out there....

I feel I'm rambling... Next post ?

The main accounts for the accusing people all new or very close to new.
This rather extensive seeking group who don't know each other but show up together.
I would say this, why?
Honestly why would we allow us to be called out unlike you an proving that icon picture is real, don't believe welcome to a people who don't care if you do hell helps if you don't.
As for government noticing are an other creatures existence think about a species wanting power an assume part the government isn't human.
Anyway IP tracking someone smart enough to mirror or just someone not welling to be found have fun.
There's a reason it's not done perfectly our why all criminals aren't just arrested for having phones.
The proof i can give romaine the temple of wolves has no true explanation besides a deep respect for a creature that would have been take as a nuisance.

This was hard to understand. Autocorrect must've been messing up your sentences.
As far as tracking you, I personally know people who could easily locate you. It doesn't matter what tricks you use. I never said anyone has to prove anything. I want to know who will. If that's not you, then why waste your time posting. Too many people apparently didn't understand the initial question.

The ones who told you no were being polite enough to explain why. A father of 6 should appreciate when those younger than himself have manners.

Yeah I'm going with then find me get your proof.
I want your friends to track me down so well you've proven something.

I was law enforcement and a background checker I can do it better ;)

That why you enjoyed speaking with me?

Um no. What would that have to do with it?

Just a few minutes and I can already tell you in Texas where you live, your age, what community college you attend, your highschool, gender, birthday, emails, appearance, and even your interests. With a bit more time, I could find more personal information... Enough to hack an email and get your name. Everything you post online, no matter how insignificant or old, is always available to those who know where to look. Also, you look better in the black top-rim glasses imo. Your other ones look like wire-rim, but I could be wrong.

Didn't yeah see that on my page?
Put fear give town.
Find my tattoo picture only one exists .
See if you'd of found me you'd say something freighting haven't yet last guy reviewed a YouTube video said i was fat an called me the N word

That's needlessly rude. There's no reason for anyone to be throwing names. I hope you weren't upset by it.

Yes, I did find your videos, but my point isn't to say something freightening. I'm using what I've found that I believe is safe and nonidentifiable to show you I've found something. You made this information public. It took me no effort, and it would take no effort for anyone else. If someone was looking to hurt you, they could just wait at your college until they see you. They don't need to know your tattoos, name, or anything else. All it takes is a location and an image, and you've given major cities, a town, and a zip code. I would assume not the major cities due to your house (on your videos), which only leaves two places. But if I were determined enough to take a plane down there, I'd be determined enough to visit both places, though you've only used one multiple times and all your schools are there, so I'd assume only one if I had to. If I looked through your videos and found a picture of your house, I'd use Google maps to find it in the county your schools are in, then the surrounding counties until I found it. Again, I'm not trying to be frieghtening, I just want you to know.

Why exactly would you want people to find you anyway? That's not safe.

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Lunar I love every time you write. :). Now for the topic at hand. You call us fakes trying to instigate a reaction. It's called baiting. Of course their not going to take it because most of themail are fake. Most of them are wolven that cannot shift yet. And the rest of us just don't care what you believe. Frankly I am wolf but not a werewolf. My kind can shift along with some other things. Can I prove it? Yes I can. Will I do it online for an obnoxious troll? No I won't. Because you don't deserve it. I've given enough snippets to some on here. I have yet to have my credibility questioned. Even if I did I wouldn't care. Because its just people on the internet. I don't let them impact who or what I am. Nor will I you. Since you have already written us off as fakes anyway why dont you just leave since there is nothing here for you? I will tell you now though your never going to get someone to do this because you are just a kid at a keyboard. None of us will trust you enough to show you something so deeply personal. You have not earned the right. So please go and leave US alone.

Very amusing. I said i believe most are fakes. As for being a kid at a keyboard. You obviously have little reading comprehension. I'm a 29 year old father of 6. Also if you would've read everything you would see its all about curiosity. I'm not concerned with who won't show me, I'm out to see who will.

Excuse me but how does my reading comprehension come into play? I read plenty.I also read all the snide comments you were passing out. No one will show you anything. Obviously you have the comprehension problem so I will say it in a way you will understand. Your a tool and no one will tell you anything cause your not important enough to tell.

Thank you!

Your reading comprehension must be low to say im a kid at a keyboard. That's what my reference was about. I still cant understand why you're on here being rude. If you don't want to show me then say no and move on. If you're trying to match wits, then find another individual. You won't fair well against me.

Lmao oi your an arrogant one aren't ya?

Realistic. All this post has proven is the maturity level of too many. I asked a simple question to get a simple answer. Instead I've been bombarded by stupidness. Everything from death threats from little girls to conspiracy theories saying I'm using two accounts. Don't know what could possibly be gained from having two accounts. Anyway, if your answer is no then we are done. Move on to the next person you plan to be rude to and leave me to my research.

Actually your the one being the antagonist. Your gonna hit a dead end here. No one will help you.

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Someone humor me and actually prove something. Help an old soul get some peace. Please...

There are no real werewolves. Welcome to reality.

And your proof is.. what? Nobody has provided evidence against or for it, so who are you to say what is and is not reality? One's mental psyche has alteration effects on their outlook on reality so is anyone to truly say what is real and what is not? No. Nobody can accurately guess or say. But, nice try.

Why do you ask for proof without presenting proof that I am wrong? Reality is how one defines it, in my reality, you must provide proof when you make a claim.

eg: You claim werewolves exist, prove it or they simply do not. You claim the Illuminati exists, prove it, or else, they do not. You claim God exists, prove it, or else it does not. Proof is not saying "well you can't prove otherwise" or else, we dont really exist, we are just part of something's imagination... and you cant prove otherwise so it must be true (see what i did there) - and this claim would validate the above one too.

I present a logical fact. No biological earthly creature can effectively shape-shift on a scale as grand as humanoids, dumbed down to a scale in which I expect you to have sufficient logic to understand why that is. If you cant, its your problem really.

As much as your logic makes sense this isn't exactly what I said. I said, that based on your reality (And those around you) the view could be different on what is or is not a werewolf.

On top of this you have not provided proof against it, so what is the argument without proof for either side? Reality of the subject is matter is actually capable of shifting it's weight, size, and other such things but it's mass is the only true thing which may not change. I guess I could use that as a paralogical theory to prove it however when it came to living organisms their mass would have to have re-distributive properties of which are unknown to practical sciences today.

I feel slightly more intelligent for saying that. Guess I'd be the first to give some, if any, proof that there could be wolves hmm?

While I'm on this note if you were able to bend the will of your mind enough then the internal structure of your bones, let alone your skeletal structure could be rearranged with the right process being performed in your mind because let us not forget that everything in your body is living and if it isn't, it is eradicated and replaced with living cells. It would take an incredulous amount of brain power but assuming you could... Leaves something to be desired.

I have given some proof. Any elaborations?

just saying, it would turn the scientific world on its head if there really was a werewolf. Fast bone structure changes back and forth, muscle mass increase and decrease etc. Well i guess it depends on what kind of werewolf you are talking about but the shapechanging ability would be noteworthy to the world.

they are not werewolves. At best they live a fantasy and mimic the behaviors of a wolf. at worse they have lycanthropy, where it no longer is a mere fantasy but a delusion.

Also might I add that this is a site for SHARING experiences rather than judging them. If attempting to put a group of 13-15 year olds in line is satisfying for you then you are a miserable individual

Excellent point, let me rephrase. If he enjoys attempting putting other EP users of all ages, genders, races, ethnicity, species, psychological dispositions, regional locations, countries, social classes, and any other spectrum of which they might hail...in line then...yeah. The statement was general. I wasn't discriminating

I don't need to prove it to you to know what I am. Besides what would revealing myself to you do? My purpose in life is not to change your mind. That's like shouting to the heavens for proof of a divine existence. You probably won't get an answer

And comes the next step: trying to degrade my question by putting your own twist on it. Using phrases like miserable individual to attempt to classify me. Only the most juvenile of minds use such rhetoric friend. Unlike you, I don't need to spin anything any direction. My question was transparent. It's only fueled by curiosity. Must make you feel big to attempt to put down a curious stranger right?

You just put down "99%" of the users on this group. I find THAT rude and juvenile. If you were curious why not ask real questions and learn something rather question the integrity of teenagers

Just trying to see what kind of response I could get. The 99% thing was just some lite trolling. I am always willing to learn, the key is knowing who to learn certain information from. I already know someone who says they are an alpha. My guess is they're probably the one who would be most willing to show me. Just a hypothesis though.

You'll be surprised, by just asking questions you'll probably be able to weed out the fakes.

So you'd be beyond reproach?
Dear sir don't know you so demand pictures an an id an a moment on Skype.
Does this sound to your liking, so i we an others can be assured you are you?

I'll Skype you dear friend ;) I like skyping when I drink

I'd like the father of three to speak directly with me on Skype proofing his real.

What does he need to prove to you :)

Why someone new found this forum straight out an being his new posted about his children but came to well disprove us.
30 something threatening to have friends track us down or that he could brings up children as a sign of maturity, this look well normal to you cause to me it's bloody strange.
I mean why waste the key stroke just trace the ips see for yourself thanks to the fact data is everywhere you could follow are lives, he chooses to ask for proof that could be faked a billion times over.

I wasn't calling you out! I loved the fact that you were calling HIM out :) I appreciate your input and just wanted to hear your theory behind. I completely agree with you

Actually i was asking your view his other account i think is "bitter" the accounts older but bitter isn't a part of the group but he found it as is a part of the conversation.
Strangely sounds as if he was the same person accepting the offer but forgot he was another near blank account.

Okay, you guys lost me. I'm a father of 6, not 3. Also, I asked a question out of curiosity. I never said I was going to have anyone tracked either. I've never used Skype before, but if you walk me through it I will. I'm not very computer saavy. I know enough to get by. Now I think you're saying I have two accounts. I only found this site a few days back because I typed a search for werewolves in Google. Anyway as I have said multiple times, if you're not going to show me then just say no. Instead of feeble attempts to discredit me.

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*growl* Hey you know you dont have business saying that to us we cant show you because we just cant now go be in your own business

I don't have business saying that? 99% of you couldn't show anyone anyway I'm sure. You already out yourselves by being on here. Not very secretive when you're telling a bunch of strangers on the net really.
If the government wanted you, they would have you. If they suspected you, you'd be under surveillance. I personally know people who could track anyone they wanted. That would include any of you as well. If they can do that from their laptops, I wonder what a government agency can do......
This is very simple: if you can't do it, then its fine. Just quit posting about being something you only wish you were.
Also, I want to add that this post is not toward everyone. Just the 99%.


I disagree. It's nothing like shouting to the heavens. It's more like throwing a stone at a pack of wolves. The one who yelps loudest is the one who got hit. I must've struck several with that stone.
Anyway, I'm not saying you owe me proof. I'm saying your reasons for not proving it are silly at best. In my experience liars are usually the first ones to make excuses. Of course I also have one, probably a very young kid, growling at me on here.
I concede though you have nothing to prove to me. Just wanted to see if anyone could.

It isn't really that rare, and why we tell people, WHO ARE LIKE US, on the net, is because some of us need help coping with it, or want more reliable info from those who have experienced it as well.

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Why do you want proof ? If you already believe then why is there need for proof?

I believe anything is possible, but I'm still a skeptic.

That doesn't really answer my question does it :/

Personal curiosity really. Too many people have made claims they're not willing to back up. Makes me wonder why someone would make such claims to begin with.

We wonder much the same but some of us ignore them as best as we can but when their damn right stupid or just so stereotypical that its like a page out of twilight we do growl and bare teeth at them. one is below your story as it happens

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No one on here(EP) will give you photoproof nor a video showing them shifting. Chances are the government will get ahold of the proof and then we all will get experimented on which is terrible.

P.S have a nice day:)

Not sure how that would happen. If the government was interested in you, they would already being running experiments. You already out yourself by being on here.

But no one has giving enough proof of themselves. Proof such as a picture of what they look like, what there name is, location, nor a video of shifting. For most werewolves/therians shifting is a private matter. We can only shift when it is dead silent, and no distractions. Getting video taped while trying to shift would be hard

How did you become one?

We were born as one ovecourse

Yes, as purebluewolfgirl said. We are born this way. It is genetic, magic nor a bite can make you a werewolf or a wolf therian.

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To clarify, I am not a lycanthrope.